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Weird Colours Boot-Up Screen Windows 11

Experiencing strange boot-up screen colours after making a few changes and installing Windows 11 from Insider Programme (Beta Version)
In order to install Windows 11, I made the following changes to my PC:
-> Converted boot drive from MBR to GPT
-> Enabled PTT (TPM 2.0)
-> Enabled Secure boot in BIOS
After these 3 stages (in photos) Windows boots up and displays the lock screen and then desktop normally.
Anyone who is experiencing a similar issue, or has any idea why this is occurring?.

Glitch 3.jpeg

Glitch 2.jpeg

Glitch 1.jpeg

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Same thing on my Optiplex. Disabling legacy boot ROMs while using a dedicated graphics card causes it. In my experience, you can still use UEFI boot with legacy boot ROMs enabled, not sure about the other features though. What are your specs?

Quote me if you want me to get a notification. (if it's not my own thread)

Always assume I'm not using Windows unless I say I am. I'm usually using a Linux+GNU operating system.

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