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I'm experiencing network issues when using Ethernet on my PC. My regular download speed using a wireless connection hovers around 40 mbps. However, when I plug in Ethernet to my PC, my download speed greatly fluctuates in a negative way. Usually the Ethernet-connected download speed will drop to somewhere around 5-10 mbps, but it can also spike up anywhere to around 900 mbps for brief periods of time. When working correctly, I can get at least 300 mbps download speed- I know this because I'm using college internet and got over 300 mbps consistently last year when living in the same building as I do currently. Also, the Ethernet cable has the blinking yellow light and green light next to it when plugged in, which is what you want if I'm correct from memory, and the speed of the Ethernet cable is 1 gbps in my settings. I do have a VPN installed but haven't used it in months, so I assume that couldn't be the cause either.

Here's some of the fixes I've attempted that have done nothing:

-Tried all three Ethernet ports in my dorm

-Bought a brand new CAT6 Ethernet cable

-Made sure Ethernet drivers are fully updated

-Unplugged and plugged back in Ethernet cable numerous times

-Scanned PC for malware and no malware was present

-Fully updated all pending Windows updates


I've tried a few other minor things as well but can't remember all of them. Any advice on what to do to help resolve this issue would be much appreciated. Thanks

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College dorm internet speed can depend on other user activity. When there are more users everyone gets lower speeds...

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4 minutes ago, RageTester said:

College internet speed can depend on other user activity. When there are more users everyone gets lower speeds...

Obviously, but I have two things to reply with that to. Firstly, the speeds fluctuate an insane amount. I can run a speed test and get 4 mbps and immediately start a new test and get 200+ mbps, and I just don't believe total user activity could cause fluctuations like that. Secondly, I lived in the same building last year and consistently got 300+ mbps. Again, you are right but I think there's a much larger issue messing with my internet speeds.

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I don't think problem is on your end, but you can try USB ethernet adapter.

I assume you don't live alone with 3 cables in that room. You will probably use wireless most of the time anyway as there ain't enough desk space for everyone.

If you don't care who you live with, can try changing the room you live in and hope people that share network switch are not using internet so much in that part of the building.

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