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  1. Obviously, but I have two things to reply with that to. Firstly, the speeds fluctuate an insane amount. I can run a speed test and get 4 mbps and immediately start a new test and get 200+ mbps, and I just don't believe total user activity could cause fluctuations like that. Secondly, I lived in the same building last year and consistently got 300+ mbps. Again, you are right but I think there's a much larger issue messing with my internet speeds.
  2. I'm experiencing network issues when using Ethernet on my PC. My regular download speed using a wireless connection hovers around 40 mbps. However, when I plug in Ethernet to my PC, my download speed greatly fluctuates in a negative way. Usually the Ethernet-connected download speed will drop to somewhere around 5-10 mbps, but it can also spike up anywhere to around 900 mbps for brief periods of time. When working correctly, I can get at least 300 mbps download speed- I know this because I'm using college internet and got over 300 mbps consistently last year when living in the same building as