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snapping edge of window to edge of display *without resizing the window* possible?

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering if there is any software for Windows 10 out there that focuses on the “magnetization” or “snapping” of windows to the edge of the display?


To be clear, I do not want the size of my windows to be changed/resized in any way; I just want to be able to quickly align the left edge of a window to the left edge of my display without a few pixels the window being off screen or having a gap of “wasted”/unused pixels between the left edge of the window and the left edge of my monitor.


I understand that AquaSnap does provide this functionality; I briefly installed their free trial, but my gripe with it is it seems to also change a bunch of other properties/behaviors/shortcuts….so many changes that it would be practically impossible (incredibly tedious & time consuming ) to manually revert every other settings/behavior back to Windows’ default behavior, leaving only the magnetisation of windows active.


So if there are any suggestions out there for an app that would accomplish this, with minimal other changes (or have a one-click option to turn off all changes, allowing me to manually turn on ONLY the features/changes I want), I would be immensely grateful.

Thank you!

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The only thing that comes to mind is Windows Powertoy's fancy zones but it's kinda the opposite sort of thing than you want because it'll always resize windows to the zone sizes....


Is it just possible to disable all the stuff you don't want AquaSnap to do?

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