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  1. My first PC, mid-late 90's when everything was new, I had no internet, was pretty alone in figuring out how to do things. Most my software was from gaming/pc mag demo discs and most of what I learned was too, other than from trial and error. Just figuring how to run the shareware copy of doom that came with my PC was a massive achievement and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I didn't know the hardware I was running was already old, I didn't really care, I was 12 and everything blew my mind when I got my first PC. Kinda weird that getting a VR headset is the only t
  2. The best way of doing this would be create a temporary folder on your new drive when you have Windows installed, selectively copy everything over you want to keep and format the old drive at that point, and just move that stuff back again.
  3. You'' be very restricted with what you're playing without a dedicated gpu. Is the plan - get one later?
  4. Unlikely fantastically. You might have had a leg up with an RTX card for DLSS titles but it's going to struggle at 1440p for new titles. Stuff 5 years and older shouldn't be so much of a problem.
  5. I think the largest problem will be unique content creation unless advanced procedural systems are created to make assets. The bar keeps getting raised and that's going to make it increasingly difficult to populate worlds with high quality content. Or at the very least as we get closer to true realism, the amount of time to complete a game will get more unreasonable.
  6. Try killing wallpaper engine first and see how that goes, I've tried it and I didn't like the amount of CPU utilisation/gpu utilisation it took. Sure it's still relatively low but still, more than I'd like to see when in real world use, I hardly see the wallpaper most of the time.
  7. Could be a memory leak in software running. What happens if you just do a restart and leave it for 15 mins?
  8. I suspected, it's about the only reason I ever run java too lol. I personally disable as much startup stuff as possible and just run as needed, even steam/epic/spotify etc, they take a second to launch and I don't exactly want/need multiple stores running at the same time seeing as I'll only be playing a game from a single one of them. If it isn't critical for a device to work fully, it's disabled. My stats at boot for context -
  9. Are you knowingly running something via java?
  10. Well, have you ordered your processes by utilisation to see what's high? (Best done under details > CPU) Or use Resource Monitor and sort by number of threads.
  11. My bad, Google searching that doesn't have a single hit for that specific processor on the first page, just the 8400. Bad Google. Also bad me for assuming the top hit would be correct.
  12. Good possibility this will work as OP's CPU has an integrated Intel UHD 630
  13. My mice seem to die on me repeatedly, usually the middle click. I have had the most luck ever with my current one, the g502 lightspeed. Customizable weights (though it's a bit too light imo even with all of them in). Downside, no replaceable battery but I use my pc for 42 hours a week for work plus probs about 10 hours gaming and I get about a week an a half, sometimes two on a single charge.
  14. If you're doing regular large sequential read and writes, maybe. For general use, random read and writes can actually be worse, probs not worth it. (I presume you mean RAID0) - There's also potential of losing all data if one of the two drives die. I wouldn't care about this if there was a performance boost for say, a gaming drive or something, but there won't be.
  15. It's just lens distortion, both angles have the TV in a spot where that will affect the way it appears. The third one makes it appear that it's taller than it is because there's a lot of plastic stuff and maybe a VHS loader at the front too.