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so some of this might be user error in fact i ssupect it to be the case


anyway had the pc for about month or 2 at this point bean2 graete since i upgrade from my haswell based pc to 1st gen ryzen

but the issues i am runing into as of last couple of days maybe little longer then that is that while it post to uefi/bios it very unstabile to do so i am at my wits end working this out


now beep codes would be usefule but i am waiting on beep speaker as i dont have one should arrive next week but till then 😕 got manuall work it out

so it post some times and other times and other it wont also worth mention when it doesnt post it also doesnt light up keyboard and if had pcie 6 pin connect unpluge it doesnt show the typical warn to replug it in


on top of that it also will work and then disconect usb complete so there goes keyboard and mouse funtions

and it doesnt want post seem that power button doesnt do anything and i have use power supply switch in order to turn pc off


i have set cmos multiple times i strip pc back to only gpu and as far pcie parts go since i added new pcie devcies the last couple of days

any help would be appreciated


if it helps by any means i am happy jump in a discord call and provide any information u guys need

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the post yo stability "seems" more how it should be i waiting a couple days for declairing its fixed also what seemed to fixed the issue is removing a screw from top corner if anyones a explaination of why that woudl affect boot i would love to hear it fyi it was a mothboard screw but nit nessarly the actually motherboard screw

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