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  1. the post yo stability "seems" more how it should be i waiting a couple days for declairing its fixed also what seemed to fixed the issue is removing a screw from top corner if anyones a explaination of why that woudl affect boot i would love to hear it fyi it was a mothboard screw but nit nessarly the actually motherboard screw
  2. so some of this might be user error in fact i ssupect it to be the case anyway had the pc for about month or 2 at this point bean2 graete since i upgrade from my haswell based pc to 1st gen ryzen but the issues i am runing into as of last couple of days maybe little longer then that is that while it post to uefi/bios it very unstabile to do so i am at my wits end working this out now beep codes would be usefule but i am waiting on beep speaker as i dont have one should arrive next week but till then got manuall work it out so it post some times and other tim
  3. oh i agree they are super use my motherboard didnt come with one unfortunatly so i assume it wasnt meant to
  4. no as there's no beep speaker nor do i have one to plug in
  5. fixed the issue it was a user error i had some how nocked my motherboard power cable out of the power supply
  6. so at the moment i pull out any m.2 ., expanstion cards, etc and got the system down to a bare bones required to boot to uefi/bios at the moment motherboard rgb turns on and fans spin up like normal booting but i get no post/display and my keyboard doesnt light up like it normally does but power button cant turn off the system only on at least from what i can tell and the system was booting to os earlier to day cpu 1700x motherboad asus prime 470x pro ram 8GBx4 corsair vegence lp 3200mhz (run at 2666mhz) 1650 super if photos or more info is needed dont be