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People with laptops with Ryzen CPU's any problems faced?


I was planning to buy a laptop with a Ryzen 7 5700U and I read somewhere that it had some problems[I cant seem to find where I read it sorry ;( ] and was wondering if people who have used it for a long time or even a short time had any problems with it or not. 



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Well, I'm not sure about Ryzen 7 5700U, but mine one comes with Ryzen 7 4700U, and I can say I'm very impress by it.


I bought Lenovo Yoga 6 13ARE05 with Ryzen 4700U and used it for a couple of months. Youtube playback last me about 7 hours per charge when I set Windows to Battery Saver mode while the BIOS is set to performance mode. The system managed to run at 2GHz most of the time which can still get some demanding task done in a timely manner. When I plug in the adapter, I sometimes get 4GHz boost and playing game (light game like CS:GO) with the integrated Radeon 7 GPU is not bad. So, overall, I'm happy with my system and I don't really come across to any problem so far, except the laptop doesn't come with Ethernet port.

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Well on my laptop with a Ryzen 7 4800H (the ASUS TUF506IV) drivers can be a pain at times esp. for the onboard graphics, they are getting better. (As in significantly better AMD Adrenalin for mobile was a joke when I first got it, had to hook the system up to a monitor to uninstall it as it  would no longer to connect to the built in display but it's gotten better, it actually works now) For the longest time I was not able to use virtualization without immediately blue screening. I still get frequent BSODs (weekly to daily) but I push my system really hard I have 64GB of RAM installed and frequently use it all, I am pushing my system to the limit in ways that it was not necessarily designed to be pushed. Otherwise family with the same CPU have significantly fewer issues but then again they aren't constantly pushing it to the limit like I am. Well other than the growing pains AMD's Ryzen drivers are aging like fine wine, the processors are currently better than anything Intel has to offer and while stability is not yet what it could be it is getting better and fast. If you are willing to look past the drivers that can be a little rough around the edges if you push it farther than the average use cases such as day to day browsing and gaming and into the more professional and enthusiast workloads such as virtualization some professional modeling applications, and programming applications, then you should consider this processor. I do not regret my decision to go with this system in the slightest it has worked well for me even if it is not the most stable processor. 

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AMDs older APU (combined CPU and GPU) drivers back before Ryzen were a joke, but thanks to the popularity of Ryzen they have really been able to step up their game. I had a soft spot for their older A10 CPUs back around 2016 as they offered more cores and superior graphics for the time, but they aged terribly, and driver support was horrendous.


The opposite is the case with Ryzen - Ryzen APUs are brilliant so are hardly ageing at all and driver support is incredible compared to the previous AMD standards.


None of my friends or family using Ryzen laptops have had any issues to do with the CPU or GPU.


I say go for it, you won't be disappointed.


That said, if you can, look for the 5800U, as it is slightly more up to date than the 5700U. The 5700U is still a brilliant processor though.

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