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  1. This is because of one primary reason. Cheap easy content. Let me explain. To create a proper single player story game as most of the aforementioned games are, it requires a great deal of story writing, and content creation, none of which is cheap. Meanwhile having multiplayer allows people to create their own enemies their own stories, and better understand the game by exploring it with the friends, family, or random people on the internet. And as time progresses more and more people have faster access to the internet and better servers release allowing this to become more of a practical rea
  2. Welcome to the LTT forums! The rear fan is never necessary, many computers never have one. But is it beneficial? Very much so, unless in your case you have create a bottom to top airflow path. Otherwise not as much air will pass over your VRMs and you could lose performance and MOBO life without it. At this point if you are going to put more fans on the front of the case I would recommend that they would be new fans.
  3. If you wan to run windows off of it you are going to need to reinstall. Otherwise if you would like to use the SSD as a scratch drive don't worry about it.
  4. Other possibilities may include, and improperly seated CPU, or bent pins that are not making contact. Or just stuff going bad. This kind of stuff can be a pain in the neck to deal with.
  5. It could mean that you are having issues with RAM, or it could also mean that at that time the memory management process was not loaded correctly due to corruption and was unable to complete it's task.
  6. Do note it could still be software. all we can tell from the error is that something is getting corrupted, if you have a bad USB port or thumbdrive for installation, this can also be the source of the issue it's just something is corrupted or is getting corrupted when read and Windows does not know how to handle it.
  7. Hate to say it, but literally any thing and everything, some damage can take years to find. But most likely you will find cosmetic damage, broken or damaged displays, damaged or destroyed HDDs, (if included) and etc.
  8. Welcome to the LTT forums! I would recommend changing your title to better represent your issue, as there are many different issues that are labeled in a similar manner that require different skill sets to resolve. I Would reseat your RAM check/reseat the storage drives and drive cables and I would validate that all of your SATA ports and cables are good, and such. As the issue is that somewhere between the data stored on your storage drive, and the completion of an executable you are having your data corrupted
  9. There is simply no way to tell with out colour calibration, you have any number of profiles enabled, the lighting changes everything, and each and every display is different, and unless you spend some decent money, most displays are not fully colour calibrated from the factory.
  10. In modern games with modern resolutions, the CPU will likely not be the bottleneck with the 20 series, it may be the case with some 30 series cards, but not with the 20 series, now though if we are talking about games. It's generally with older games such as ones from the early 2010s and older as well with 1366X768 or lower resolutions that we generally start to see this.
  11. Wh0_Am_1

    Fan concept Help

    Alright I am going to be a bit general even though this should be taken on a case by case basis as every chasis has different airflow, and the components and how they are arranged also greatly affect the airflow. but if I had to make a recommendation I would put the fan behind your air cooler to exhaust more of the already hot air even if this might lead to more turbulance.
  12. The main areas I see you needing an upgrade at, a GPU (wait on that as crypto has drained the market), I don't know your display but it probably needs an upgrade, and for extra credit a CPU many games lately have started taking advantage of 6 and 8 cores, while they still primarily eat 4 and 6 it is best to upgrade to give your OS and other programs some breathing room, but this can wait. Otherwise at this time unless you are doing intensive productivity workloads, or browsing the internet with as many tabs as I have you do not need anymore RAM.
  13. The new TUF laptop looks like a major downgrade from the existing A15. They tossed the numpad and the 90 watt battery out the window.... The only thing that looks potentially better was the shortfall of the A15 being the display. Here are the specs for the existing laptop.
  14. 1) Their warranty is second to none, if you manage accidentally to kill your card overclocking, they will replace it. 2) EVGA is applauded for how they are managing the shortage, most companies will ship first come first serve, rather EVGA is currently running a strategy where you place the preorder and then when they get to you, they send you an email and you need to purchase it in 8 hours, otherwise the GPU will move to the next person in line. Whether you like it or not is your thing. But a lot of people like this at the moment, and it makes it more likely you are going to get your GPU soon
  15. If I had to buy a 1080ti, I would not purchase one for more than $250 USD in the US market. Really though, just sit tight with that 1070ti 'till you can get literally anything from the 30 series even a 3060 will be a major improvement over the 1070ti. Honestly if I were sitting on that money, I would go to EVGA and place a backorder for the 3060ti and call it a done deal.
  16. modern components are far more resilient due to advancements in design, and reduction of both price and size of ESD components
  17. And here is the kicker, with the shrink in size and cost of ESD parts such capacitors and resistors, modern components are far more resilient against ESD than components of even a decade ago, even more so than 13 to 17 years ago for that ancient computer.
  18. What is your PSU? The 30 series is notorious at this point for tripping OCP on many PSUs due to it's current draw spikes.
  19. It looks like Red and Yellow are likely SATA 3, orange is likely SATA two, and Black is ESATA. What I can tell you from the spec sheet, you have one SATA 2 (that is not black) and two SATA 3 (which is also not black.)
  20. Which variant is this? the USFF SFF or micro tower?
  21. These are numbers associated with the ports not the standards themselves.
  22. Seeing as you still have eSATA I am going to go out on a limb and say that they are likely all SATA 2 ports but I can't confirm 'till I take a look at Lenovo's spec sheet.
  23. As mentioned by Martward, the G27QC is G-sync certified and tested, meanwhile the other one is Freesync Premium, other than that it is rather difficult to find some details about the freesync on this monitor, but from the looks of them they are solid choices. Do consider other options as well, as while this one is solid, there may be other monitor that better fit your needs and/or budget.
  24. Not necessarily, so first to understand RAM is a large semi-fast cache of data whose whole purpose is to help keep the CPU constantly fed, there are three faster and significantly smaller levels of cache on the CPU directly but it is significantly faster to load something from RAM for misses or loading to higher cache levels than a solid state drive, a hard disk drive, or the internet. As far as RAM goes beyond a small improvement in caching, and clock speeds, and arrangement, there is little that you can do to help with in RAM upgrades, as long as you have enough of it and it is fast enough t