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NOC SIEM and logistics suggestions for local growing WISP

I work for a local WISP that is growing fast.  We have a network admin that has been very good at designing off-the-cuff as they roll out services to customers, but we're in the middle of some growing pains that the owner would like to get a handle on.

Current situation:

  • we use UNMS and Splynx to manage CRM and network operations for setting up customers with provisioned internet. 
  • Splynx is our core for network management and monitoring, issuing IP's and configuration of our network routers.
  • Tower sites have redudant power and failover equipment all connected and configuring to broadcast and receive SNMP (can walk OID's for various things we want to tag and monitor).
  • Splynx can pull metrics of the network in 1 minute intervals.

Current dilemma:

  • Network experiences equipment outages or failures that we are constantly scrambling to respond to without notice.
  • Only the network admin/architect has complete intimate knowledge of the network, the rest of our department is learning the company's systems, processes, and network design methodologies to eventually catch up.

Desired goal:

  • Ideally, we're looking for something that can integrate with Splynx, and/or it's add-on weathermap features, and generate emails or integrate with automation API's for SMS notices
    • When battery backups drop below a target threshold voltage level
    • When "flapping" is recursively happening for a period longer than 5 minutes on a particular segment of the network  (such as when ping-watchdog is set to power-cycle a piece of equipment that is not responsive or misbehaving).
  • Can provide, or integrate easily with visual logistics and weather-mapping of the network infrastructure and provide visual cues for alerts and key events, kind of like the image embedded in this post (the image is NOT from my company, we might have 2-3 large format displays in the NOC at some point in the near future).

I would love to chat with anyone here who's an experience NOC technician or network admin for guidance.


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