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Sparks and sizzling when trying to power on PC, please help dangerous situation

Recently built a new pc with the following specs

ROG Crosshair VIII Dark hero motherboard 
Ryzen 9 5900x
Corsair h100 cappelix aio 
Corsair vengeance pro 32gb ram
RTX 3080 founders editon 
Samsung 980 pro 500gb ssd
Toshiba 8tb hdd
Corsair rm850x psu 
Antec prizm 120mm argb fans x6


I was in Corsairs icue software and I set the fans and pump to extreme just to see how loud or quiet I could get them. I shut down the PC and when I tried turning it back on it wouldn’t power on, the motherboard leds wouldn’t even turn on. 

So I tried a different psu and seen the mobo leds come on thinking that was the issue, but when I powered on the system sparks started flying off the aio header and I heard sizzling. I smelled burning plastic from the aio fans and commander pro controller as well as the psu. 


So i disconnected the aio entirely and started the pc with only the 24pin power cable and gpu plugged in just to see if I could load into bios, in bios I could see all my components were detected fine, the gpu, cpu, ram all showed up in the bios.

Gonna drive down to Microcenter and buy a lian li galahad aio cooler so I can get my pc up and running, my issue is I’m worried the same will happen again. Is their any precautions I can take before installing my new cooler?

The pc is only 2 weeks old and everything was running fine before except for the hdd which would dissapear after sleep mode and only reappear after restart. 

Thanks for any help in advance

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