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  1. Just built a new PC, everything was running fine until I decided to set the Corsair h100 aio pump and fan speed to extreme to test. I reboot the pc and it shorts out, dead. I swapped the psu and the mobo leds lit up, pressed power and everything started sparking and sizzling, I shut off power from the psu At this point I smelled burning from the aio and commander pro controller. I replaced the aio and tested with just the 24 pin mobo connector, cpu and gpu pcie and it works fine. So I plugged in the sata connectors and the same thing, sparks and sizzling sounds. I’ve isolated the
  2. Recently built a new pc with the following specs ROG Crosshair VIII Dark hero motherboard Ryzen 9 5900x Corsair h100 cappelix aio Corsair vengeance pro 32gb ram RTX 3080 founders editon Samsung 980 pro 500gb ssd Toshiba 8tb hdd Corsair rm850x psu Antec prizm 120mm argb fans x6 I was in Corsairs icue software and I set the fans and pump to extreme just to see how loud or quiet I could get them. I shut down the PC and when I tried turning it back on it wouldn’t power on, the motherboard leds wouldn’t even turn on. So I tried a different psu and s
  3. Sound like your psu is working. To rule out it’s not a dead mobo, try plugging in the cpu and 24 power pin into the psu only and see if it powers on, if not..most likely a mobo issue.