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Will rtx 3090 work with razer core x? Non chroma

Hello i see that the rtx 3090 power supply requriements are 750 and my razer core x is 650 watt will that be good or?......

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It's whole system power that is included for the recommendation. Seems people have managed to get it to work BUT it's HEAVILY bottle necked by the bandwidth of the connector basically making it not perform better than a 3080 or 3070 in a lot of situations for gaming that is. For machine learning and all that stuff (the thing the people that got it got it for) it was fine because it uses less bandwith for gaming skip it your are hard limited by bandwith. Will it work? If it fits yes. Is it worth it? No. Is it going to perform as well as in a desktop? No expect performance between a 3070 and 3080 at best.

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