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B350 PC Mate - Beta BIOS - MSI doesn't care

Hello, since 2017 I have a MSI B350 PC MATE motherboard with the Ryzen 1700 processor installed, initially I received stable BIOS versions but after the 7A34vAJ version dated 2019-01-30 only BETA versions came out, seriously, from the letter J they came with BETA to LR , TWO YEARS without a stable version, I missed all the fixes in those two years, I don't even know how many there are because they didn't add new versions, but replaced them on the website with the changes. I wrote to them last year and this year, the messages are in the attachments.


So the matter is short: MSI blew my product and I will never buy a motherboard from them again, but I would like to ask if I should update my BIOS to this latest BETA? They advised me against it, but probably because they have such rules, because in case of problems I would have an excuse. I missed two years of updating, but I don't know if it will cause more problems than benefits? Has anyone used these BETA versions on a similar configuration?



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