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Just a random thought: Why don't Expensive Laptops offer more warranty period?

I'm confused that even we pay more than a PC, the warranty by default (without extending it for extra money), is just 1-2 years for the most part?

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The answer is boring and simple:

-Because they don't have to.


And someone at the companies sellin computers have probably made the math that extending warranty does not give a competitive advantage so they simply don't add any warranty. 


You can reason even further that all laptop manufacturers (except Apple) simply assemble components, all made/designed by other companies (except for the mother board PCB in some cases) and they simply don't want to be liable for stuff that someone else makes. 

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-> Moved to Laptops and Pre-Built Systems



Warranty is commodity, and tbh consumers are too lazy to pick based on it. On business laptops 3 years on-site is kinda default, because the competition will also have it. On consumer grade stuff consumers haven't demanded it, and there might not be legislation to demand on it either.

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