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Rainbow Six Siege restarts my pc 5 minutes into online match

So I've been having this problem for about a week now. When I load into an online match in siege, about 5 minutes in my pc resets, doesn't shut down, but resets. This happens in no other game, and I play much more demanding games other than siege and I have no problem. My pc is a Ryzen 7 5800x on an ASUS TUF X570 pro with a RTX 3070, an EVGA Supernova GA 750w PSU and 32gb of ram. So I certainly meet the system requirements for siege. I saw another dicussion with another person who had the same problem as me. He fixed it by changing his maxium processor state, https://steamcommunity.com/app/359550/discussions/1/1640919103684220236/ but I still encountered the problem after that. Here's what I know so far: It's not a PSU probelem, as I've tested multiple different PSU's and had the same issue. My hardware temps are never excessive and stay pretty cool, so its not a problem with that. I am able to play solo terrorist hunts, but 5 minutes into any online match, my pc resets. I highly doubt its some type of hardware issue since I can run much more demanding games such as COD Cold War and GTAV with no problem. If anyone could help me figure this out it would be much appreciated. Thank you

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Do you run any overclocks on anything? It sounds like the system is boosting beyond its capacity, but in that one specific game. It is definitely a weird issue. 

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No, nothing is overclocked. It is very odd considering r6 is not very demanding and I play much more demanding games without issue

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