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5600XT keeps clocks too low for 4K monitor and stutters

GPU: Sapphire Pulse 5600XT

CPU: Ryzen 3600

MB: MSI B450 Tomahawk Max

OS: Windows 10 20H2

Display: Asus VG289Q - Displayport running on 60Hz


I've upgraded to 4K monitor and while in Windows using browser, it stutters. I can stop it from stuttering by:

1. running a game in background

2. when a page has a video embedded

3. running a demanding 3D app in background

4. connecting secondary monitor


My conclusion is the GPU when idling is just too lazy to let me work smoothly in Windows. I have no idea how to force it to do something, other than solutions listed above.


I already tried:

1. Upgrading GPU driver - I tried 2 different versions and currently have the latest installed 21.1.1

2. Reinstalling the chipset driver, already have the latest installed

3. Reconnecting the monitor with HDMI

4. Toggling the BIOS on GPU


I already have the latest BIOS installed and all the Windows updates and other software. It seems like when the VRAM clock increases, everything works fine - like when I connect the second monitor, it keeps on 1750MHz and everything is smooth. Once the clocks drop down, my OS stutters.

The stutters are not extreme, but they are noticeable.


Thank you very much for any advice.

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i started having stutters with csgo and other games when i updated my drivers, anyone can help?

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