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PC could be causing interference on my home WiFi network

So a couple days ago, I started having issues with my WiFi connection, which happens quite often. My average speeds are around 30-35mbits, but now they dropped down below 1mbit, which never happens. And all devices were affected by it.

I accidentally found out it was my PC causing the interference, when I turned it off, and went back on my phone, out of anger. And then I realized the speeds are back up on their averages.


I started diagnosing it further, by disabling WiFi on my PC but keeping it enabled on my phone and performing speed tests. During said tests I would disable the WiFi on my PC and that's when the speeds would instantly skyrocket back up to the 30mbit range, and once WiFi was enabled, it would drop down below 1mbit.

I researched further and saw people having the same issue and realizing their ground is messed up. I then plugged the PC in another outlet, that's seperated from the previous circuit, however the issue persists.

I tried using my phone as a hotspot, with Wi-Fi Sharing enabled, passing the WiFi signal through my phone. Speeds plummeted just as much.

Using USB Tethering fixed the issue, for some reason, however it's really impractical for me, as USB tethering has ping penalties, which goes as high as 250ms in games like CS:GO, Valorant, etc.

I've also reinstalled WiFi drivers, which hasn't fixed the issue.


Sadly, the only connectivity option for me is to use WiFi, as the router is hooked up downstairs. I really don't want to invest into any equipment at the moment, unless I won't have a choice.

For future reference, I'm using a GIGABYTE H170N-WIFI motherboard.

Hope someone can help me out!

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Just a thought but is it possible your pc is trying to download something in the background like windows updates? Because it sounds like something in the pc is hogging the bandwidth.

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Nope, I checked network traffic using Glasswire, nothing is being used in the background.

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You could try ethernet over powerline adapters:


TP-Link TL-PA4010PKIT Passthrough Powerline Adapter Starter Kit, No Configuration Required, UK Plug, Pack of 2: Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories


something like that. 


Not tried them personally but they seem to work- I know you said you didn't want to invest any money atm, but they are relatively inexpensive and may help if you need a connection to diagnose the issue/ download drivers etc. 

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