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Upgrading from my ISP provided ZTE H268N Router/Modem/Switch/Thing

I've been using the ZTE H268N that my ISP (A1, Austria) has provided for the past few years and I want to upgrade to something nicer. This thing's settings are severely limited. I can't even assign static IPs to my devices. I've recently gotten into home automation and picked up a Hubitat and a have some other IoT things on the way. Not being able to assign static IPs to my Lifx bulbs and Kasa switches makes them glitch out when trying to control them via Hubitat (this is actually what's prompted me to think about upgrading).


I've seen a bunch of LTT (and other) videos about using a "real" router, but pretty much none of these videos ever talk about how to go about setting one up with the kind of connection I have. I don't even know if something like what I have going on my ISP's router is available! I believe it's a DSL router, but I know little about networking so I'm not very sure. There's a cable going into the "DSL" port as well as into the "Phone 1" port. Both of these cables combine into this weird rectangular plug that goes into a wavy port (with the triangle) in the wall. 


My ISP isn't very forthcoming about which routers will work and doesn't want to be transparent about what I would need (figures, since they also offer "premium" routers with more features as a subscription model as well as their own "smart home" platform which is extremely shady as everything needs to flow through their VPN). Unfortunately, my choice of reliable ISPs is quite limited and all the ISPs I know of here have similar, if not the same, annoying models.


We have two PCs and 2 hubs (the Hubitat and a Hue) that will need to be wired into the router. I have a D-Link GO-SW-5G switch lying about somewhere which I could use if required (but the last time I used it, my PC kept disconnecting from the internet). We have 2 cellphones, a tab, a laptop, 8 smart Bulbs and a smart plug that will all use WiFi. We may get some more WiFi smart devices in the future if at all there are no Zigbee/Z-wave alternatives. I don't currently have a NAS or anything of the sort but will likely build one in the next 2 to 4 years. At some point in the future, I might also look into putting together a Plex server. Is there anything else that's relevant that I should be mentionining?


I don't know if there are any Austrians on here or if there's anyone who has experience with Austrian ISPs, but if anyone has any advice about what I should look out for and can help guide me through the upgrade process, that'd be awesome. I honestly don't even know where to start.

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