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Is it a good idea to buy renewed ch710n from amazon? Are renewed products faulty? Have you ever bought a renewed product? Please help!!!!!!

I found a pair of Renewed Sony CH710N ANC Bluetooth headphones for about $80(converted local pricing) on Amazon. It's Marked price is $200 but is sold for about $150 new.

I am really in the need for a pair of basic but decent headphones because I have online classes for about 5hrs everyday and I also listen to music after that (I use TWS IEMS now and they are terrible for extended period of use) and this fits my budget.

I would like the headphone to last atleast 4-5 years of moderate use.


Are renewed products safe to buy?

Have you ever bought one? If yes please share your experience.

Have you ever had any problems with the renewed items that you have purchased?


Are these headphones worth their price?

Should I pull the trigger on buying one of these? Please give your advice.

 Newbie. Please forgive me if I say anything wrong. 

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It's basically a fancier way of saying "refurbished". The product was allegedly tested and should be in "like-new" condition. Typically these are products that were returned to Amazon early on.


I very much doubt they've spent much time "testing" the product, other than making sure it powers on and maybe pair with a bluetooth device. If it was returned by a previous customer, it might have some issue that would only be found in specific scenarios.... Just like it can have zero issue whatsoever and the previous customer simply changed their mind.


But you get a 90 day warranty with them, so if anything goes wrong within 3 months, you can just return them.



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