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  1. I found a pair of Renewed Sony CH710N ANC Bluetooth headphones for about $80(converted local pricing) on Amazon. It's Marked price is $200 but is sold for about $150 new. I am really in the need for a pair of basic but decent headphones because I have online classes for about 5hrs everyday and I also listen to music after that (I use TWS IEMS now and they are terrible for extended period of use) and this fits my budget. I would like the headphone to last atleast 4-5 years of moderate use. Are renewed products safe to buy? Have you ever bought one? If yes please share
  2. I recently found that all retailers in my region have the prices for the sonyCH710N listed at 100$ instead of the MRP (and Sony's listed website price) of $200. Is this some price markup marketing? Are these a good value for the money? If you have used the headset before, what was your experience? Please HELP!!! PRODUCT LINK (Not the link that I am planning on buying from): https://www.amazon.in/Sony-WH-CH710N-Cancelling-Wireless-Headphones/dp/B0872G7SL9 @MewMew@rice guru
  3. Can you guys recomend a decent pair of over ear(not on ear heaphones) that have ANC in the same price point(70USD) that is not garbage? @Aereldor @MewMew @litragex @Bombastinator
  4. The reviews on youtube call it a 130USD headphone and is pretty great for that price. Also I think this a limited time sale, almost all items on the store have 40-50% off. Do you still think it’s marketing.?
  5. There is currently a sale in the indian skullcandy store(skullcandy.in). The skullcandy hesh 3 wireless is listed for 70USD(₹5000). Its original price was 140USD(₹10000). I am planning on buying it. I have never owned a decent pair of headphones so this is my first pair. Does anyone use these heaphones,and are they worth the money? BTW I will not be gaming with this, just casual music listening.
  6. will the watermark be only on the home screen or will it be on the screen even if I open other applications?
  7. Can you please tell me what are the features which are blocked?
  8. I am thinking of building an ultra budget NAS. I am planning on getting a used computer and slapping some hard drives in it. The used market in my area has many systems with 2gb RAM core2duo systems for around 50 USD(converted), other options are i3/i5 1st to 4th gen gen systems with 4gb RAM systems for around 100USD. Are the synology NAS's worth their cost? Is the core2duo enough for a basic streaming NAS? If no, then, Is it enough for just file storage atleast? Will there be any issues in running old hardware 24*7 on a NAS?
  9. As I mentioned earlier, buying used is not an option, but still I will try my best to find one. Any suggestions for new GPUs? Also should I wait for 3060 release?
  10. @SupaKomputa Do you have any GPU suggestions on AMD's side?
  11. Thanks for the link. Also, I read that nuke supports GPU accelerated rendering. Should this affect my choice of GPU?
  12. My uncle said his work PC at his office had an i9 and he wants a cheaper but somewhat similarly performing machine. So I think 3600 is out of our way. Or is it? I chose Ryzen 7 over i7 because I thought Nuke will be a primarily multi threaded workload. But you said So now , is it still a good choice or should I switch to i7?
  13. Thank you, We had planned on using a Ryzen 7 3700x. Are the cost savings by going with 3600 significant enough? I'm living in India and it has the worst used PC parts market. There is literally no used GPU for sale in my city. So buying used is not an option. Should I wait for 3060 release? My uncle said he can wait for 1-2 months if necessary.
  14. I am helping my uncle in building a workstation PC, and we hit a roadblock while choosing graphics card for it. My uncle is a VFX animator and he works with a software called Nuke x11. His budget is 250-300$ for the Graphics card alone. Yeah, It's an ultra budget build. Please suggest some good graphics cards in this price point for VFX works. Should I go with Quadro or Geforce cards or Go AMD.? I am not familiar with quadro cards. I know 1600 super/2060 will be a good choice if this was a gaming build but i lack expertise in choosing graphics cards for this purp