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MSI 3080 Idle Temps Weirdness

Hi, first of all i am NOT a tech guy, so i come to you for help or to teach me xD


In the last few days i notice that my gpu MSI 3080 Ventus OC, running stock, had about the same temp has when gaming...

I am sure this is not a room temp issue or "lack of fans" for my cpu runs at 24c idle and never gets past 40c on load.

Sometimes restarting the pc the idle temps go back to normal. But today i realize something weird and i was hoping someone could help me or confirm this: 

The idle temps when i turned the pc on were 50c, 0% usage on gpu. Cpu temps were 24c. Then i got to think what could have gone wrong this week for the GPU to be like this,

and i realize the only new thing i installed was NVIDIA BROADCAST. When i turned it off the temps on my gpu on idle were back to 25c.


So this Nvidia broadcast "heats" up the gpu even on idle? when not using anything?


Thanks in advance for the help guys :)

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