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  1. Hi, first of all i am NOT a tech guy, so i come to you for help or to teach me xD In the last few days i notice that my gpu MSI 3080 Ventus OC, running stock, had about the same temp has when gaming... I am sure this is not a room temp issue or "lack of fans" for my cpu runs at 24c idle and never gets past 40c on load. Sometimes restarting the pc the idle temps go back to normal. But today i realize something weird and i was hoping someone could help me or confirm this: The idle temps when i turned the pc on were 50c, 0% usage on gpu. Cpu temps were 24c. Then i got
  2. Hey thx for the answers. Frist i'm buying this PSU because its on sale and its the cheapest i can find with 80 PLus Plat rating in my country. Second the 180mm long size fits the case but it leaves about 3 cm space between the PSU and the Hard drive mount ( in the image) last i want to replace PSU because i want to buy a new graphics card, and for some reason the PSU my pc came with its 80 plus Bronze 300w only.
  3. Hi there :) Noobie here. I want to upgrade my PSu to a Corsair HX850W Series 80PLUS Platinum Full Modular: ATX12V v2.4 and EPS 2.92 150mm x 86mm x 180mm 2 x 4+4-pin CPU +12V (EPS) 1 x 4-pin FDD Power 6 x 4-pin Molex 6 x 6+2-pin PCIe 8 x SATA I have a HP Omen 880-100 Series Case wich came with a Higos2 SSID: 84F6 motherboard. I can not find any info if this psu is compatible or not, and HP support literally said they don't know, to try it first... So if anyone could help me i would appreciate it :D
  4. Hello there :D I'm a bit of a noob in the process of upgrading a Pc. I have a doudt about the compatibility of my Higos2 motherboard, wich came with the pc already. I want to know what video cards does it support and more specific, if it supports the latest RTX 2080 Ti. Pc: Omen 880-112np Amd Ryzen 7 2700 8-core 16gb Ram [Pc4-21300 Mb/s] [DDR4-2666] Currently using: Gtx 1060 6gb Psu is new, now using: 850W Titanium Motherbaord: Higos2 Thank you for your time :) Ps.: I contacted Hp support and they said thi