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Is the LMG's Apple YT Channel gonna have their own forum?

It is something that just came to my mind. Since, LMG is probably planning another channel (1 closer to Linus' goal of having 69 channels) whose primary demographic would be Apple users. So, are they gonna have like another forum where they have to pay a subscription fee called Lienus one every month, just to enter the forum, just like go full apple for that forum ! Because if the apple users who would come to the forums from that hypothetical channel to this forum then I am pretty sure they are gonna leave as a normal person or a PCMR member which in turn would mean less and less of that hypothetical channel's target demographic would be watching the channel !

Puts on tin-foil hat 
WHAT IF, the Apple channle thingie is just a front to convert the Apple fan bois to normal consumers when they come to the forum and also it is part of Linus' goal of 69 channels !

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LOL , made quite a lot of grammatical errors, typed this out quite quickly

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