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  1. I feel like the LTT forums are the place where I can talk and speak freely, even more so than my own house atm. Now a bit of context, I am a teenager who is in a dilemma about what to do with his life ? So, the story goes as follows : My hometown is well....basically a small town, so I had to go to another city for studies. Now this city is say about 1000-1200 Km away from my town. And where I live trains are much more common than flights. So as you might have guessed it, it takes approximately 2 days to get from my hometown to the other city. (All this information will become relevant in a
  2. Hey If LMG is gonna do a whole separate apple channel thingy supposedly as per previous job postings at least they can do something like Arch with Anthony, not a whole separate channel but a weekly series of videos or something like that. BTW, how much percentage of LMG viewers would be interested in such nerdy stuff (Linux) ? I expect many because in a few videos that Anthony has been able to host the comment section is filled with praise for Anthony. In some vid I think Linus had talked how they help writers host videos, they first, you know have them with Linus on the side, I think he h
  3. Ik he is busy with floatplane and stuff. But like what if he does just a single LTT video a month or a week ?
  4. I have had 2 names justamathguy which comes from a long long time ago (NOTE : Not Bragging) when I was highly interested in mathematics and the one I use now comes from the fact I am interested in physics more than maths
  5. I hope the prices settle down to the normal before I have to build a pc in like July or something
  6. @ragnarok0273 was referring to accuracy I think like how A's p**** is 5.4 inches long and A's p**** is 5.40 inches long mean two different things. The first is you measured the length with a scale/ruler which has marking upto 1/10th of an inch and the second one has markings upto 1/100th of an inch. Similarly 73.9 B USD is different from 73.90 B USD, the first could mean its anything ranging from 73.90 to 73.99 and the other one means it could be anywhere from 73.900 to 73.909 . I hope this clears the confusion in this thread. PS : You might be wondering why I took example of length of P
  7. Privacy, of ,Invasion, I, like, feel, might, be ,this TLDR : GPUs are used for things other than gaming and mining, gpu shortage can be stopped via special ed gpus and once pandemic is over situation will improve + Team Blue is gonna make GPUs too + 18% Price increase will be a lot for the miners as they buy them in bulk ! And BTW GPUs can be used for purpose other than gaming and mining have ya ever heard of using CUDA for scientific computing and GPU-accelerated workloads like those which use parallel processing. The only way to stop the GPU shortage due to mining is t
  8. *Sad Engineer Noises whose home setup has only "GAMING GPUS"*
  9. Well, I would say wait for the 3060ti stock if it ain't available in your region