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    In my PC, as my soul has been sucked out into this screen
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    Ryzen 5 4600H
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    HP OEM
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    16 GB (2X8) 3200MHZ
  • GPU
    GTX 1660Ti Mobile
  • Case
    HP Omen 15 Chassis
  • Storage
    500GB WD M.2 NVME
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    1080p@60Hz 15 inches the one that comes with my omen
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    A cheap but surprisingly good one, from some weird company called tagrus
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    Yeah my rig is a laptop
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    Samsung Galaxy A31

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  1. Before the summer season hit hard, and when like the room is properly cooled. I get around 67 degrees under heavy load
  2. I recently bought an HP Omen 15 a few months back (basically in Feb-March this year) and it has a Ryzen 5 4600H. And where I am at rn, gets quite a bit hot with room temperatures going upto 30-31 degrees celsius. And in the afternoon outside temps can go to 40 degrees celsius casually. So initially I had doubts that my CPU might be overheating, and today I checked the temps. It (CPU Temp) was around 60 degrees celsius with just the fan on in the room and 50 degrees celsius with the air conditioning on and NOTE : I wasn't doing any heavy task, just watching YT. so is this normal behavior ? Do I
  3. Well they didn't ban any specific news publication (although the Ruling party, BJP does spread its misinformation and rumors like cow dung curing covid and all sorts of weird stuff through some news channels) and what they tagged as fake news was correct, BJP had forged some documents to blame one of the opposition parties for defaming modi (Modi is loosing his fame because slowly and steadily more and more people are realizing his true evil)
  4. IDK maybe, the whole sub reddit of r/india is filled with people criticizing that Asshole modi and it is rightfully so he has fucked up our country real hard in these 7 years. If your page gets enough attention, like it gets reported by several news channels then maybe they might use their new laws to remove the page. I don't think they are gonna go any further like court proceedings.
  5. Not exaclty, it is because Twitter has now begun taking a stance against the present Indian government, because they have begun tagging tweets from the ruling party's politicians which contain fake news as manipulated media which is the right thing to do. But this harms the propaganda of the government (ruling party) so they want to ban Twitter. For Muricans out there this is like, when ya know Twitter tagged a video claiming trump won in 2021 as fake news (manipulated media), this is like that but imagine if the US government threatened to ban twitter more exactly like that because government
  6. This shitty government is just trying to become China but without their economy + they are still waging a cultural war with china via spreading hate speech and rumors like COVID was made by chinese
  7. y'all Europooreans and Muricans are just pressing for these laws to be enforce when none of you God-damn sons of b*tch3s have read what is in those god-damn laws ! They are bad for the people and their privacy and I as an Indian have actually read what is in those laws. so plox stop saying things you don't know about. I would also like to apologize for any of my statements that might have been offensive to anyone, I am just really angry seeing how people are saying these laws should be enforced when these laws clearly invade someone's privacy (including me)
  8. You don't seem like ya know anything about the Indian politcal landscape. First things to know are the government spreads their propaganda through Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook and even through some 4$$h0l3s on twitter. So they won't ban 'em they will allow them to operate but have some control over these services and looking at the fervor of the current government, it will be used to suppress free speech and invade user privacy + if they go to the extreme end we could see them implementing something like the pandora's box program USA had under their patriot act.
  9. It is not said, it is a fact that the BJP IT Cell, remember all the information that leaked from their hate speech and misiniformation spreading group on Telegram back in like early this year ? And it is clear that the ruling party BJP has proposed a lot of controversial things in the new IT laws which I would suggest everyone to go through once (I have read it) and there is a part of it which just says "F*ck you" to E2E encryption i.e. it would allow the Indian government to not only see users messages on end to end encrypted platforms but also trace a popular message to its origin. Now how
  10. Nah not that important and depending on your hardware it can break stuff more often than fixing things, so make the decision carefully
  11. Maybe video calling ? or like that thing google showed off at their dev conference that 3D video calling thing ?
  12. so my PC installed Windows Updates automatically again, I have uninstalled those like 3 times myself because the KB500something something updates reduce my frame-rates, so is there any other solution for this ? Also is there any way to stop windows from installing that specific update itself. That KB5003173 I don't want to install because it is reducing my frame-rate from a stable smuth 100+ FPS to 30 FPS ! Is there any like Nvidia driver issue that might be causing the problem ? .
  13. Tall Booba Lady game .......uhm I mean Resident Evil Village
  14. Today I landed beside a team in ranked apex legends and suddenly my whole team was lagging like we had 1000ms ping but no we just had around 100ms or even better ping. Also, sometimes when I spectate players who kill me I can't tell for sure whether they were cheating or they are generally good at the game.
  15. People who use the phrase "SSD Drive", I have heard a friend or two of mine say that and I was immediately triggered