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    In my PC, as my soul has been sucked out into this screen
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    Ryzen 5 4600H
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    HP OEM
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    16 GB (2X8) 3200MHZ
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    GTX 1660Ti Mobile
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    HP Omen 15 Chassis
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    500GB WD M.2 NVME
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    1080p@60Hz 15 inches the one that comes with my omen
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    A cheap but surprisingly good one, from some weird company called tagrus
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    Yeah my rig is a laptop
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    Samsung Galaxy A31

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  1. what ? last time I checked, one can just go to their google account settings change their age to 18+ and watch 18+ content even if they are not 18+
  2. I know some coding in C++ and Python (and I will improve my coding skills further, as rn I have exams). People say I have good writing skills too, so what freelance work can I do to earn some money ? also I am ready to learn new skills
  3. so I have a 1660ti mobile GPU and since a few days ago, Nvidia control panel started crashing i.e. whenever I open it adjust settings per program it opens a blank white window and crashes in a second or two. Also whenever I open minecraft it screws the scaling of start menu and a few other apps for some reason ?
  4. Let me begin by saying we still live in a world where ARM CPUs haven't yet been properly optimized for Desktop/ Personal Computer use, even Apple's M1 based Macs have to use Rosetta translation layer or emulate an x86 environment so the geekbench scores won't mean anything if the thing that you want to run on a thin and light or a phone isn't even optimized for that. Now on to why does everyone think you can't expect PC performance from a thin and light or a mobile device....... Having a Discrete GPU and a separate CPU is better since you offload the task of graphical processing to an enti
  5. I am considering giving SAT for admission into some US engineering colleges or I will most likely go to some foreign nation for my postgraduate education.
  6. Thanks for the advise, you have provided me a new perspective that I shall take into consideration
  7. Also how can I go into any technical field with a physics degree ?
  8. Yeah programming is a mandatory course in the first semester
  9. Yeah like someone who takes the Computer Science and Engineering major (a fresher) gets like 90k USD per year but other engineers are underrated and not employed at all. Like my dad runs a shop and lemme tell ya he earns a lot more than 1k USD per month, so even if I were to keep his shop running, I would make more money. So If i really wanted to pursue my dreams, either I have to go for a postgraduate degree or do CSE. Thanks for all the information, I am now clearer as what major to take and will definitely post an update once I get to college. PS: I just really want to get outta t
  10. BTW is there any chance of getting hired by say a foreign firm right after graduation ? Because from what I have asked my fellow Indians who have worked for MNCs in India have complained about the toxic work culture here comparing that in other Western Countries the work environment is much better and not as toxic, so I really don't want a Job in India
  11. India, that's the reason why I was hesitant to disclose where I am from. Here people over-rate the people who take Computer Science and Engineering majors and graduates of certain government run colleges. Also I was trynna look up for entry level jobs for someone who would do Electrical Engineering and most of them were government payed jobs or employed by Indian corporations who would pay you in that range. When I looked at Job Listings of AMD/Intel as you said all of them require masters. I tried searching for their salaries but couldn't find any results since I would have to make a gla
  12. Also, I have interest in that kinda stuff (learning how a computer works) but from what I saw in the list of courses offered in the CSE programme they do learn about it but in the Electrical Engineering department they even learn how to design their own chips. And pay/ salary matters, so say after graduating I wanna do a job, where I am from the salary is pretty low as compared to that of a "Computer Engineer". Right after graduating the salary can be anywhere from 400USD per month (before taxes) to 1000 USD per month (before taxes) and that's a big OOF