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CODECS and File Size + GPU


I use bandicam


Can somebody help? I record mainly charts on on different timeframes on 4K display. But my GPU 5500xt is limited to 5k resolution (VSR).

Bought 3070 rtx but it have bad drivers because from time to time looses signal somehow. (Screen turns off and on.)


Want to buy


Radeon 6800xt for 8K VSR recording on my 4K screen. Use currently those settings:


file type



1 Fps




quality 100


12 hours of recording gives me with those settings only 300mb file size.


The question is.

Will I get better quality recordings when I buy

Radeon 6800xt?


Iknow i can go cheaper on older cards but this one is more versatile and future proof.


This card have:

4K H264 Decode


4K H264 Encode





Radeon Pro W5500?



https://www.amd.com/system/files/docume ... asheet.pdf

its have better those specs:


HEVC Encode (up to 4K)

HEVC Decode (up to 8K)


W5500 is rdna1 and 600xt is rdna2


What HEVC Decode (up to 8K) really gives me?


Will I get smaller file size, better qualty with W5500?


Thanks for answers. 

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AMD x264 encoder is much worse than NVIDIA. 


I had the same issue with monitor, faulty display port cable, change it. 


AMD x265 or HEVC is quite good though. 

HEVC offers better quality than x264 at the same file size or same quality at lower file size. 

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Hevc will give you better qualtiy for a given file size.


But the amd gpu encoders suck, id just use the softwre encoder on your cpu.

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Actually I have 3 4k displays and 3 of them where turning off randomly at the point i have to reboot. That is why i sold 3070. Currently have 5500xt which VSR works perfectly that is the only reason i am considering amd. Maybe 3080 have better internals to not cause those issues regarding maximum (x4) DSR setttings. 


What screen recorders support x265?

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