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  1. This used to work a bit differently before but assuming you're running the newest drivers and Windows 10 version make sure to: 1.) Play the game in a true FullScreen mode 2.) Enable V-Sync in the game (you actually need V-Sync to be enabled to get rid of the tearing near the bottom of the monitor when using G-Sync) 3.) In NVIDIA Control Panel (NVCP) in the Manage 3D Settings tab set V-Sync to "Use the 3D application settings", set Low Latency Mode to "Ultra" and it's also recommended to use the FPS limiter and set it about 4 to 6 FPS bellow your monitor refresh rate. So i
  2. It should play most games at around 60FPS at respectable detail quality but don't expect to max out every game. Definitely don't expect a good ray tracing performance at this resolution with that card.
  3. I don't know what your PC specs are. I have no clue how well it will play games at that resolution.
  4. In theory yes, you can. But nobody can tell you this with an absolute certainty unless they actually tried it on the exact same system as you have. But the chance that it will work is high since you're adding much faster RAM that can downclock itself to match your existing slower one.
  5. 3840x1200 is 32:10 aspect ratio (so it's the same as having 2 monitors of 1920x1200 resolution). It is more demanding than a 16:9 QHD (2560x1440) and slightly less demanding than a Ultrawide QHD (3440x1440) which is probably the one you have in mind. That said, I have no idea what your HW is so I can't commend on the performance you will get. Also depends on what kind of refresh rate you aim to get.
  6. Really depends on what's available to you where you live. Most shops where I live adjusted OEM prices of PC's to match the overpriced components. For example a PC with RTX 3080 and R9 5900X goes for about 4000 to 5000 euro so you're not really saving anything by going with a prebuild.
  7. I play on the same settings with 1080ti as he does (also 1440p) and I get well above 100FPS so I am quite sure it has nothing to do with his in-game settings. Honestly, I would just start with uninstalling drivers with DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) just to be sure and get new ones after. Also make sure than in Documents/Modern Warfare/players/adv_options.ini open the adv_options.ini in a text document and make sure that: VideoMemoryScale = 0.9 RendererWorkerCount = 8
  8. This is absolutely awesome! I definitely can't use this with the current performance limitations but maybe we will see some improvements, especially when it's now at least possible to virtualize it.
  9. There is always a bottleneck. How big of a bottleneck it is depends on what your expectations are. For example: If you expect to get 200+ FPS in games then your CPU in this case may and most likely will be a major bottleneck. If you're fine with around 100+ FPS in most games then you're perfectly fine with what you have.
  10. That has nothing to do with VRAM. Those games have issues when hooking up to OBS and if you're sitting at a GPU load of above 98% you will experience heavy FPS drops in stream. There is new OBS version coming out that should help resolving it a little bit but also the temporary fix for this which works for me on a 1080ti is to make sure to have the newest version of OBS Studio and you have to run it as Administrator and also enable Game Mode in Windows 10. The issue was also related to WDM (Windows Desktop Management) in Windows where Windows had no idea whether to allocate th
  11. For multi-core the 3900x is quite a bit better but for pure FPS in the games the 5800X beats the Zen2 by quite a bit. For streaming, I use 3900x and I can do 1080p60 medium to slow in almost every game and still retaining well above 60FPS in-game. If you have a 2000 series or 3000 series NVIDIA GPU, I would recommend to stick to streaming with NVENC and get the 5800X.
  12. yes it's a bit different since the 11th gen and there I am not sure if they are now allowing the OC of DRAM on non-K CPU's but I know that they now allow the DRAM OC at least on the cheaper "H" series motherboards. Everything before 11th gen though you need both "K" CPUs and "Z" motherboards at the same time to OC the DRAM.
  13. - If the CPU support DRAM speed up to X then that means that the CPU was validated to run with that memory speed. As long as it's a "K" CPU (9900k in this case) it supports overclocking so you can also run your memory at higher speed if you have also a motherboard that allows overclocking ("Z" class motherboard on Intel). So yes, you can run 3200MHz XMP memory if you get both the CPU and motherboard that allows you to overclock. - Memory channels depend on the platform. Pretty much all mainstream consumer platform only support Dual Channel. So it does not matter if you get 4 sticks
  14. WereCat

    If AMD really cared about gamers, why wouldn't…

    They care so much that they gave him 2x 5600X = 5900X
  15. It's bad when compared to the 10th series. Because it actually performs worse for the given price, especially the i9 is more expensive and performs worse than the older one. With the exception being AVX512. In games the i5, i7, i9 all performs almost identically so it makes no sense to buy the i7, i9 so yes, it's kinda a waste of sand unless you actually can use AVX512.
  16. I mean, if you're just accessing the NAS storage to load the game from it should be more than fine on 1Gbps connection. Really not any different from having the game on an external HDD connected via USB. It's still at least as fast as an average HDD, likely a lot faster.
  17. 1.) get the MSI Afterburner 2.) max out the power limit 3.) make sure the card is cooled well (the cooler it gets the higher clocks you will achieve) 4.) try bumping up core voltage in small increments about 10MHz until you are no longer stable, then go back one or two steps 5.) same as #4 but for VRAM in 100MHz increments at first then reduce to 50MHz and 25MHz increments best to check stability quickly in some benchmarks but have in mind that many overclocks can pass benchmarks but may still be unstable in actual games so that's normal, just go few MHz back if
  18. Scam. They normally go for about €700-€800 where I live now
  19. I see no reason why they shouldn't let users use Rosetta if they want to even after apps get ported to ARM. I mean, they can have it as an opt-in/optional piece of SW that does not come with the OS installed but still, removing it seems silly.
  20. I pretty much narrowed down the issue to being DRAM by running Memtest86 from the bootable USB. This way only the DRAM is under load so the PSU is quite chill and CPU single-threaded load is only applied for the most part.
  21. This may not be your issue but I had my system randomly shutting off completely and it was related to RAM. Specifically, the RAM was not receiving enough current. I had to go to BIOS and change the DRAM Current Capability from the default 100% to 120% and that completely fixed it for me. I have an ASUS motherboard however and 4x16GB of RAM and I only had this issue if I populated all of my 4 slots with RAM, it was not doing it when only using 2 sticks of RAM. That said, your issue may be related to PSU but it also may be the same issue I had... it's really difficult to sa
  22. Honestly it's about preference. If you want big monitor 27"-32" then 1440p will be more ideal due to higher pixel density, resulting in less aliasing . If you want to stick to 23"-25" then there is nothing wrong with staying at 1080p. Also have in mind that 1440p is more demanding so you will have a bigger FPS impact in games at 1440p. Nothing your 6700XT shouldn't handle though.
  23. Pop_OS! because it comes with prety much everything you need installed except maybe Steam. Basically you install the OS, install Steam and you can play. You may need to install more things manually with some of the other distros. Like some GPU drivers for example. Basically, its about having less hassle.
  24. Either card will get you great performance. I don't know what prices you're looking as you never mentioned it so I just assumed that you want a card that performs better. And the RTX 3080 does, even in the GN review it consistently outperforms the 3070 by 20%+ ... if that does not matter to you and you think that RTX 3070 is good enough, thats absolutely fine.