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  1. Cheers. Actually I have 3 4k displays and 3 of them where turning off randomly at the point i have to reboot. That is why i sold 3070. Currently have 5500xt which VSR works perfectly that is the only reason i am considering amd. Maybe 3080 have better internals to not cause those issues regarding maximum (x4) DSR setttings. What screen recorders support x265?
  2. Hello I use bandicam Can somebody help? I record mainly charts on on different timeframes on 4K display. But my GPU 5500xt is limited to 5k resolution (VSR). Bought 3070 rtx but it have bad drivers because from time to time looses signal somehow. (Screen turns off and on.) Want to buy Radeon 6800xt for 8K VSR recording on my 4K screen. Use currently those settings: file type mp4. 1 Fps codec H264 (AMDVCE/VCN) quality 100 12 hours of recording gives me with those settings only 300mb file
  3. Thanks for the answers. Ok so currently I have RX 5500xt and vsr is doing max resolution 5120 x2880of this card on my all 4K monitors. You mean that I am not gonna be able to increase real estate with amd rx 5800XT to 8K? Is DSR Digital Super Resoluiton any better than VSR? Does DSR dont increase real estate like VSR is doing? Meaning only in games as you say. Or both technologies are the same.
  4. Question is is nvida or radeon capable of 8k dsr vsr on 3 displays simultaneous. Its not for gaming its just for productivity
  5. They do if you check vsr in radeon or dsp in nvidia
  6. I was always fun of high resolutions and just recently bought 4K monitors because of new computer. It would be great if I can have 8K times 3 = 24K?
  7. Does Nvidia have better GPUs with their own VSR?
  8. OMG Rascal. its true VSR is the reason I can go over. Turned it on accidently while ago. But this means my graphic card specs max resoultion is HDMI™: 4096×2160@60Hz DisplayPort1.4: 5120×2880@60Hz Pulled it from: https://www.sapphiretech.com/en/consumer/pulse-radeon-rx-5500-xt-8g-gddr6#Specification You are right Jurrunio I cant go over 4k without VSR. Tried to enable VSR on 3 displays and it worked Want to buy GPU which can do 8K on my 4K displays Awesome.
  9. Not sure what you mean. No adapters or splitters. I have two VG289q and one 4k tv.
  10. I drive 3 4k at 4k resoultion. But the limit of my gpu is one of them at 5120 2880 and other 2 4k. Need to change gpu for all of monitors to be as high resoultion possible.
  11. Thanks for replays. Actually need them for charting so need as much as possible of workspacce. No gaming. I have now 5500 xt sapphire pcie 4.0 and its doing only 5k on one of the 3 monitors I have and other two are 4k.. I t would be awesome to have 8k at all of them even at 30hz.
  12. I dont have 8k monitors for now. I have 3 4K displays and need to run at least two of them at more than 4k. Thanks.
  13. Hi I need help of this community I want to buy cheap or up to 500 pounds gpu which supports 8k. I recently bought taichi x570 pcie 4.0 so i dont think gpu at 8k are cheap at newest tech. Dont know anything about GPUs and wanted to ask you what would be the best buy for 8k at pcie 4.0 If not is pcie 3.0 GPU compatible with my pcie 4.0 motherboard? GOD... there are so many choices that Im lost. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  14. So tried to turn it off by remote and turn it on and nothing jumps to other monitors. But same without remote. Problem is when I turn off one of the others. Bought windows-manager but it doesn't do job well. I dont change settings of the displays. They are always set like that. Regarding registry i could do it but dont know how. But if I see step by step some kind of tutorial I can do it. Solution I tried regarding hdmi tv connection is to buy hdmi to display port cable but it did not work. It was from ebay. tv did not turn on on this cable. I t