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IPhone Not Backed Up Message?

So I started to get this message a few weeks ago and it keeps showing up daily. It says

IPhone Not Backed Up

This iphone hasn't been backed up in two weeks. Backups happen when this iphone is connected to power, locked and on wifi.

My issue here is when I try to back it up, I get message

This iphone cannot be backed up because there is not enough cloud storage available.

Can someone explain to me how this happened? How much gb do you get free on the cloud and why is it during this entire time i had an iphone, i never had this message? Im confused what I have that is taking up so much space in the cloud? Is it pictures and files i added to my iphone? Its an iphone SE.

Do most of you pay for more cloud storage?

The other thing is this. How do i stop this message from keep popping up everytime? It shows up few times every single day.

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I do pay for cloud storage, however: my 64GB 11 pro's backup takes about 3.7GB of that storage.


You can check what you have on your cloud storage by going to settings>account>icloud


You'll need to clear up space for it if you are low.

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How do i get to account then cloud?  I click on settings and cannot find it.



Well is there a way to dismiss this message though?  And don't create anymore backup?

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5 hours ago, paulyron said:

How do i get to account then cloud?  I click on settings and cannot find it.


The free version of iCould storage is only 5GB. You can log into it on a computer to manage it from icloud.com.  Or on your phone, in the Settings, tap on your name. It should be the first thing listed on the Settings page.  Above Airplane Mode.  Then select iCloud. From there you can see what apps are backing up to your iCloud and you can also see what is taking up the space in your iCloud by tapping Manage Storage. 

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