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  1. A few cheap and easy ways to level up in a private lobby: 1. Make a stop at the casino. They have a free wheel spin that could win XP for leveling up, cash, or a free car. 2. Simeon texts once every 24 hours or so about stealing a certain car. They're usually high end and you can get a bit of XP and cash for completing it. You'll have to escape a 2 star wanted level though. So hopefully you know how to do that. 3. Also there are daily objectives you can complete. Complete all 3 and you'll get a XP bump and cash. 4. When you're loading into the online game, the lo
  2. Windows 10 can sync a lot of your OS settings so that they can migrate to a fresh install. It won't sync a lot of program settings. But user profiles/settings I believe can be synced. I agree fresh installs suck because you have to then set the OS and profiles up to exactly the way you liked it. But if you can't clone, a fresh install with sync might be your best bet. Then you can reinstall programs up to the limits of the SSD.
  3. Is there a reason you can't do a fresh install on the SSD and then reinstall what you need?
  4. You'll just have to move stuff off the HDD unfortunately. I don't think there's any cloning program that would compress files to fit a new drive. If you don't have an extra hard drive, then if you have cloud storage access and USB drives lying around, move off as much as possible till you have the space. Then clone to the SSD. Once you confirm the new SSD starts up and runs. You can turn the HDD into a secondary drive and redownload and import your stuff back onto it.
  5. Are you not able to clone because the cloning software won't allow you to clone the larger capacity HDD to a smaller SSD? (ex. 1TB HDD to 512 GB SSD) But you've moved any extra files off the HDD and the actual used space on the HDD is smaller than the full capacity of the SSD? If your actual used space on your HDD is smaller than the capacity of the SSD, you could try to partition the HDD. Make a secondary partition on the HDD so that the main Local DIsk C is the same size or slightly smaller than the SSD. Then try to just clone the C drive to the new SSD. Also make sure you are cloning th
  6. You might find something useful in the Motorola E or G series. And the Samsung A series. There's a bunch of options from those companies in the range of $100 to $150 US dollars with a couple models less than that if you find it on sale. If you're considering an iPhone, the last version to come with a headphone jack was the 6S which is still a decent phone. But it's an old model and it could lose support at any moment.
  7. Could you possibly have notifications off? Settings > Notifications > Phone.
  8. It's a small miracle the phone even powered up enough to vibrate after swimming in salt water. The problem with a phone getting dunked in salt water is that after saltwater dries, it leaves salt over everything. Salt will rust the metal components pretty quickly, especially the exposed metal like a USB plug. Rice wouldn't fix anything because there's still salt in the phone. Your best bet is to follow @huilun02 's advice. The purest alcohol you can find. Submerge the phone completely and let it soak for a few minutes. The alcohol will push out any water that might be trapped in the phone a
  9. I was able to get 75 hz on the DVI connection from the GT 1030 though. It seems odd to me that this card coudn't do it. Not really a gigantic problem since I play games on the other monitor with the 75hz HDMI connection. I guess I'll be hoping to find a late black friday deal on a decent monitor. My current monitors only had HDMI and VGA inputs. Thanks for the input and quick response.
  10. So i just upgraded to an MSI Radeon RX 570 ARMOR 8G OC from an old GT 1030 and everything is going pretty smoothly. I run dual Freesync monitors with HDMI inputs but the card only has one HDMi. So I did what I was doing with the GT 1030 and used a DVI-D to HDMI connector for my second monitor. I was able to get 75 hz on both monitors with the GT 1030 but the MSI RX570 is only outputting 60hz on the DVI-D to HDMI connection. Did I miss a spec that said the DVI-D can only output to 60 hz or did I do something wrong? Any help is appreciated. Yes I did DDU the old Nvidia drivers since I've se
  11. The Moto G series is a solid choice. Lots of different varieties tailored to just about any need you're looking for. I might also throw in the Nokia line. From the 5 series down to the 1 series could fit your budget.
  12. I’m going to propose tomorrow and get her a iphone 12 mini unlocked 128gb I told her we are going on a walk in the park but my family will already be there and I’m gonna give her the ring and propose and give her the phone Best of luck with the proposal. You won't go wrong with the 12 Mini. I went from the SE 2020 to the 12 Mini and love it. If she was really dedicated to having a home button and fingerprint reader, the SE 2020 is a good choice but battery life is disappointing. The 12 Mini so far is a solid choice. It's smaller than the SE 2020 but has a larger screen due to not ha
  13. I'm using a Yootech wireless charger and it's pretty good. You will need to get an AC adapter if it does not come with one. If the charger can do 10 watts max, then get a 10 watt AC adapter. Or look on Amazon for a Yootech that comes with an adapter included.
  14. Yeah I know. But considering that OP is looking at the Motorola G Power which is over 6 inches, I thought to throw in something to look at that was smaller.
  15. Have you had a chance to look at the Nokia phones? Something like this https://www.amazon.com/Nokia-Mobile-5-1-Plus-Smartphone/dp/B07PRSPD3Q?ref_=ast_slp_dp