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Dell S2721DGF - potential overshoot/inverted ghosting with Freesync on or off

First time poster, long time lurker (PSU list saved my butt), so hello! 
I've bought myself the Dell S2721DGF monitor and so far it's great (switching from P2314H so a bit of an upgrade to say the least). As this is my first time with a high refresh rate screen (did not pay much attention, if any, to this field ever since I bought P2314H all those years ago) I have questions about some stuff that I see here: 


1) I can see a very faint glow around the mouse cursor when moving it around darker backgrounds. Nothing extreme or super bright but a bit visible.
2) very faint smudges around images/objects on white/bright backgrounds when scrolling (so faint that i cannot catch it on video/picture).


None of these things happen in games (though I only play heroes of the storm and wow recently so may happen in other titles), only when browsing/business stuff, no matter if Freesync is on or off and switching off HDR does not change anything. My gpu is a Sapphire rx580 nitro+, monitor is connected via the stock cable that came with it (a proper vesa/DP certified one is on the way to me). Normally Freesync is on in both drivers and the screen. Refreshrate is set to 165hz, response time set to fast (fast, super fast, extreme are the options). Like I said, this is my first new monitor since 2013 and wanted to check with people who know more about this stuff if this is normal or should I rma/return it (had to do that with first unit, build quality was very bad). 



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