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LG Uplus and Nreal Create AR Glasses 'U+ Real Glass'


This news is a bit old, but this was the first time I took notice of the product. LG Uplus, their telecommunications division, cooperated with Chinese company Nreal (as well as Qualcomm) to create consumer AR glasses. The price is pretty steep, at $590, and availability is a big unknown, but hey, it exists. 




LG U+, a South Korean telecommunications firm, said Tuesday that the company has commercialized the world‘s first 5G-based augmented reality glass solutions.

The wearable device named LG U+ Real Glass is supported by smart glasses provided by mixed-reality product developer Nreal and chipmaker Qualcomm, according to the telecom firm.


My thoughts

It's a weird product. It looks janky, it probably isn't worth the money, but it's also stupidly interesting. Also, it flew under the radar like a stealth bomber.









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looks... gimmicky. 

Neat but just not for me

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