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  1. Losing the password is one thing for a bitcoin wallet, but you’re supposed to backup the private key. Which is generally put a format of 8-12 “words” Known as a seed phrase the biggest problem is what the heck do you do with it? You pretty much need a safe bolted to the ground to store it in and have it recorded on some sort of heat resistant material. this is something people are working on I think Vitalik Buterin wants to push social wallets where people can use their friends to sign a special transaction to unlock their wallets, but it has to be specific people and a
  2. I too am supposed to be a millionaire right now thanks to bitcoin. but at least I only have myself to blame — selling 28BTC in 2014 lol
  3. this was a few years ago, but I used to find a lot of stuff on "nicoclub" forums for my dad's '05 G35
  4. so would a lot of others. Corporate Greed. not saying it's right, just it'll cause a stir.
  5. I was thinking more along the lines of how much does apple make from repairs going to them instead of others/self-service or customers buying new devices because a repair isn't worth it. This is extra money that they otherwise wouldn't have but their investors would expect them to make up the difference somehow.
  6. Glad this is a thing, but I wonder if it will make stuff more expensive. since companies already trying to increase profits, it makes it harder for them to meet higher targets when you implement something like this all of a sudden, and theoretically they will push that onto the consumer by charging more $.
  7. I've never bought a thermaltake product and went "you know, the quality of this is nice" All their stuff (In the past) has felt very cheap to me. Have they changed?
  8. Is it just me or does it feel like VR is dead/dying? I feel like it was all the rage for a year or two and then just kinda died off. never really hear much about it anymore.
  9. I could see this causing problems in terms of heat output (the transistors at the bottom layer won't get much cooling). Will probably only be suitable for high core count, low clock speed situations.
  10. i think for the 30 series cards, the 3060ti and 3080 are the best ones for mining. the 3070 is a miniscule jump from the 3060ti, but the 3080 is much better
  11. you should pay for the electricity you use (at least if you use it to profit) 3070 will make decent money right now mining ethereum. like $3-4 a day. isn't much but that's like a free steam game every month (or could be worth more if ETH keeps going up and you hold onto the coins you mine)
  12. when people ask me when to shift, i tell them "in the neighborhood of about 1/2 of what redline is, situation dependent -- little less if im just putt-putting around and want good fuel economy, little more if I'm trying to accelerate quickly" So for a car with a 7000 rpm redline, im generally shifting around 3500 rpm. 5000 rpm? 2500. 9000? 4500. Seems to work well since it scales with many engine types and sizes.
  13. Also NC Hwy 28 is fun too. Used it to get there and back to my hotel anything I should do or check out on my way home? NC -> GA -> AL -> MS -> LA
  14. I think that is the spot but I’m not 100% certain. Either way I’m still alive and the car is fine so that’s good. Lol I’m not outspoken enough to be blowing my horn at people lol (+ I literally had all day to play so w/e) I talked with some of the locals. Apparently there is a guy called “the King” who can run the whole thing in 10 mins. 11 miles, 318 Turns in 10 mins. That’s absolutely bonkers fast lol. Like how do you even average more than 60 mph on that road? It’s mind blowing. i actually drove here on my RE-71R’s because one of my all seasons
  15. Dan’s dip? Lol someone wrote “Dan” on the sign right before you get to it. Actually one of my favorite corners ended up driving the thing 6 times and also drove up foothills pkwy nearby. The view on top was epic so many other fun cars there. Up till then I hadn’t seen a single Miata on the road on my way in. Full of them over there, also golfs, fiesta/focus’es, a mclaren 720s (just 1 lol), bunch of Porsche’s, a guy had an old 80’s Rx-7 which was in amazing shape, BMW’s of all sorts too, also TONS of motorcycles. Was surprised to see so much out of season, seemed like
  16. Current status: in franklin, NC in the Miata waiting for fog to clear so I can drive the tail of the dragon 60 miles away lol idk what I’m doing I woke up yesterday and decided to do this randomly. Surprised I actually left my house and didn’t stop anywhere along the 750 mile route and changed my mind
  17. That’s the Spotify app itself. Not the head unit. im not sure if EQ’ing at the app accomplishes the same thing? I mean it’s all a digital signal until it gets converted so I guess I don’t see why not
  18. You have to be bullish on bitcoin itself to profit from mining it. meaning you need to hold the coins you mine in hopes they keep appreciating in value. I too know several people who would mine and cash out constantly and they all did badly compared to if they had held the coins they mined
  19. + Proof of stake is a thing and is being tested to help reduce the impact (though proof of work is kind of necessary as a starting point). I'm surprised to see people buying GPU's for mining right now with the main source of income (Ethereum) working towards going PoS. The current monetary system uses electricity too. (not in the same way, but it does). I don't have any stats on it though so not sure how it compares. If crypto was fully mainstream, banks as a building (space, electricity, etc.) is kind of unnecessary so that's a way to look at it. How much power do banks use collec
  20. Yeah. Maybe one day I'll find a good shop with ppl willing to spend the little extra time on that. Need to find someone smaller/slower. These guys were nice but prob just didn't have the time. At least it's way better than my eyeball alignment at home after changing all this stuff lol. I wouldn't go cheapest I can find probably but I guess just find something with decent reviews from a wide variety of people. Add a bit of insulation around speakers too, it might help some. Tech youtubers should get into car audio cause a stir in that market...
  21. Well that's good. I was thinking I'll get the color match closest to mine (their "brown") and do diamond stitching + ask for it to be perforated. Seems like that would look nice. Stock is just perforated (and I think I want to keep that for sure... I'm sure it makes a decent difference as far as breathability goes) I'm just nervous as other people say they are a bit loose. My plan for that based on what I've read is to mist the insides of them with water prior to install and then park in the sun when I'm done for a while. Hopefully will make them tighten up if they are loose. Don't think
  22. I guess that's true. All the inner LCA locations are eccentric bolts (unless I'm mis-understanding what you mean): Not my pic and I think this is an NA rear but it's the same pretty much. Here's the inside fronts, again not my car but same (those are actually delrin bushings shown) FM even makes eccentric bolt "locks" if you have problems with them slipping: https://www.flyinmiata.com/default/eccentric-lock-kit.html Car audio is pretty dumb tbh. I've looked into it myself before, it's pretty much a marketing war and no one actually trying to make a good product (unless you
  23. Yeah it was interesting that caster was off the most, FM says 5 degrees. From what I understand, the caster and camber angle are both adjusted with the front LCA bolts. So getting one right can kind of throw off the other. I can’t blame them for not spending too much time on it because they were pretty busy (I waited about 3.5 hours, the first 2 my car didn’t even move from the front parking lot lol) I should prob learn how to do alignments in my driveway
  24. Alignment is done. I just asked for Flyin Miata’s alignment specs, they got pretty close. went for a little joyride after through the countryside. Car feels great. cant believe I’m done with the suspension project I never thought I’d actually do it I still need to get new leather for the seats. @Bitterhows your covers from Lseat holding up? edit: no why idea why the picture decided to rotate sideways, it’s just a simple portrait pic on my phone