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    I l̶i̶k̶e̶ Love Driving
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    Probably Driving in Louisiana, USA
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    Cars and Computers :D
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    It's Spicy


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    Intel Core i5-3960X @ 4.3 GHz
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    Asus P9X79WS IPMI
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    20GB of random brands DDR3-1333
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 1080Ti Black Edition
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    Fractal Design Define R5
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    500GB Crucial MX200 and 2x Seagate ST2000DM006's (in RAID 0)
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    a really old Corsair GS700
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    Yamakasi Catleap 2703 27" IPS 1440p and ASUS VS239H-P 23" 1080p
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    Noctua NH-D15
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    Logitech G710+
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    Mionix Naos 7000
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    Sennheiser PC350's with a TOPPING VX1 DAC/amp
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

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  1. Toyota phasing out their 5.7L V8's? V8's sure lasted a lot longer than I thought they would, they made it sound like they would just disappear suddenly, like 10 years ago. Wonder how much longer the American brands will have them, I think it's just them that will make normal cars with V8's now? I know some German brands have them but usually only in expensive cars that not many ppl can buy (and they are also pretty small now like 4.0L + turbos) One step closer to electric everything I guess. I just don't understand why we don't make better hybrids. Give me like ~100 miles of r
  2. unfortunately it never does; but I believe you. Always hear cars on video and in real life and it's just never the same
  3. If like fuelly has an API he could connect it to there and upload the info automagically lol
  4. Lol nice i got one of those wheels and put in my 01 corolla when I had it. Even changed the clock spring to use the airbag and everything. Worked perfectly. that 3 spoke wheel they used in a few cars is still my favorite steering wheel So far actually it just felt perfect also it’s funny they were like $100 when I got it but they are $400 now lol
  5. That’s crazy. They so serious about emissions there and I bet it’s god forbid you modify your car they’ll prob throw you in prison xD
  6. Not a single person where she works knows how to change a spare tire? Omg lol figuring out the spare tire and jack situation is like one of the first things I do when I get a new car lol can’t say I’m a fan of the bright orange purposefully deflated spare tire of shame that comes with the Touareg, but it’s better than nothing I guess Sorry about your car but sounds like you got it figured out. It’s nice having multiple cars isn’t it? Lol
  7. Also helps to only get gas in higher volume places, generally everything is cleaner, and the fuel is newer too, so less chance of putting bad gas in your V12 AMG in the dead of winter
  8. how long before it comes out that there's some sort of malware or spyware implanted in the phones
  9. Holy crap of all the ways you can die yep, don’t keep loose items in your car. Put everything in its place