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Two PC's synced RGB Lighting Advice


Hi, if this is in the wrong section please move.


Now I've tried every google search possible to find out the information I'm looking for but had no luck, it could be because it's a bad idea or just that no ones ever bothered and that's why I'm posting I don't want to damage anything.


My PC is in an EG infinity mirror case that's LED lights are controlled by a 4 -1 pin (3 pin) rgb header on my asus maximus xi hero which connects to the fan/rgb hub of the case which is powered by a sata power cable, this all works perfectly with aura. My wife's PC is in same type of case and what I want to do is connect it to my PC so both LED infinity mirrors are synced. The LED mirror of my wife's PC is powered up with a sata cable and lights up but only has the default LED patterns that can be cycled though with a button on the side of the case. The plan was to run a cable from the rgb splitter coming from my motherboard to the 4 -1pin (3pin) fan/rgb hub of her case.

Is this a good idea or am I risking damaging either PC?


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