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I need some WIFI PCIe card recommendation that is AFFORDABLE for online gaming

Hey guys, i'm planning on building another PC to game in my bedroom and it's just a burnden to run the ethenet cable all the way up from my living room to my new pc. So I'm considering a wifi PCIe card. I'm looking at the TP-LINK ARCHER T4E - AC1200 WIRELESS DUAL BAND PCI EXPRESS ADAPTER which the price is very affordable for me considering the money that i have left from spending it all on my new build. Is the TP Link ac1200 good enough to game with? If not, what's other option that is affordable and does not rip my wallet apart? Thank you in advance guys!

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If you're playing online games with other people you really should not be using WiFi. If you have a slow connection it will affect the experience of everyone else in the server.


There's a few alternatives...

1) A set of Ethernet over Power plugs which will send the Ethernet signal over your houses power lines. These tend to have some latency penalty but are still better than WiFi however these only work if both plugs are connected to the same mains ring in your house. If your house has multiple rings then they'll only work for plugs connected to the same ring.

2) Run something like Steam Link/Moonlight to stream the game from your main PC to the second PC. You'll still get latency but it will only affect you however the biggest drawback of this solution is your main PC will need to be running for you to stream from it.


The speed you will get over WiFi is much more dependant on your Router/Access Point than it is on the receiver.

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Get a long ethernet cable, not wifi.


You can get flat white ones that you can hide along walls or under carpet.

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