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3950x vs Premiere Pro CS5?

my wife has had a copy of CS5 master suite for several years since she was in school, and ive been messing with Premiere a bit to start making a go on my youtube channel. im an avid gamer, mostly MMO (been addicted to warcraft since it launched, gawd im old), and ive seen solid gaming benchmarks of the 3950x in 25man raids in wow, coupled with 3600 speed ram and a 2080ti, more than the speeds i want to run (no need for more than a 120hz display in wow anyway), but i also want to do tutorial videos in WoW, and render them via Premiere CS5. currently i run a really overclocked FX8350, and depending on my source vs output settings, adobe IS able to run all 8 cores to max. my question, then, is 2 parts. does anyone have experience with the older versions of adobe scaling well on modern ultra-high-thread-count chips, and if im pegging a 3950x using stock mobo boost controls, what kind of cooling solution am i going to need? the plans are to dump everything into my current box, a PC011 Dynamic, and use my current GPU, an MSI Gaming X 1080. im an AMD fanboi, and while i know the intels beat up on AMD still in games, id still rather have my team red chip. so yeah, anyone able to weigh in on either of those two questions with actual experience or advice? tried to talk to tech jesus, but hes a little busy right now laughing at intels naming schemes...


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