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  1. my wife has had a copy of CS5 master suite for several years since she was in school, and ive been messing with Premiere a bit to start making a go on my youtube channel. im an avid gamer, mostly MMO (been addicted to warcraft since it launched, gawd im old), and ive seen solid gaming benchmarks of the 3950x in 25man raids in wow, coupled with 3600 speed ram and a 2080ti, more than the speeds i want to run (no need for more than a 120hz display in wow anyway), but i also want to do tutorial videos in WoW, and render them via Premiere CS5. currently i run a really overclocked FX8350, and depend
  2. most tech tubers are recommending AGAINST building a new system right now, because of the new launches from intel, as well as price fluctuations on the AMD side after the fact. 10th gen intel 10600k and 10900k are beasty chips, hitting fantastic gaming numbers, but they really are only marginally higher than the 9900k. and availability comes into play here as well. you CAN currently get a 9900k at a reasonable price, as well as an intel 390 series chipset motherboard for a decent price. the 9900k overclockes readily if you have the cooling, also. i really dont see any point in ponying up the m
  3. i took your advice on the mpeg2 this morning on an experimental video. i did mpeg2 bluray for standard 1080 settings, single pass, 30fps,etc. 37 minute video done in about 25 minutes. i did NOT select "maximum render quality" on this one. i did prior, and it was over 3 hours. unselecting it dropped it down to below 30 mins. so thanks for the tip on that! ill let youtube do the heavy lifting when i upload videos in the future until i get my zen box built.
  4. im downloading the 2020 adobe benchmark from Puget to see how rough this is haha. i think my 1080 will help a bit in the newer editions. i get to play with some of linus's 4k and 8k RED footage in the benchmark
  5. i try to use my OS disc as a scrub disc, but its only a 240gig samsung ssd. my 3tb wd red is massive but much slower. i try to keep between 60 and 80 gig open for any larger projects just in case. the new build will be using a 2tb 860 evo scrub disc and the os will be on some sort of 4.0 m.2 drive.
  6. FE cards usually use the old blower style coolers on them, and they do tend to run a little toasty from the start, so the thermal compound on the die could be a little crusty, especially after 2 years of gaming. i crack my cards open at least once a year to reapply compound and to make sure memory and VRM heat pads are up to snuff. my msi 1080 gaming x runs ice cold under 100% loads, like the fuzzy donut of death. so, if it were me, before hurting the hardware by booting it back up and forcing it to run, id pop the card out and take the cooler off and check that paste, and check the fan and he
  7. the next day i made a tribute video for my late dead car, by far my most complex work in premier. ill post a youtube link if that's allowed in the forum, im not totally sure it is, so i wont post it yet just in case.
  8. really no effects at all. i ripped a long aquarium video from youtube that my autistic daughter likes, its basically just a pre-recorded loop for 3 hours from start to finish in the original video clip. i just chopped it to match the length of the mp3 playlist i added, basically just a bunch of 128-mp3s that my daughter likes, ended up just being that 1:28 length overall. i dont think anything called "two pass" was on. i later re-rendered the clip that THOSE settings spit out, but i crunched it down to the youtube specs and 720, and the file size was tiny, and it took only around 20 minutes. i
  9. heres the settings i used on that particular render. about an hour thirty in length, ended up being about 3hr 15min for the render of the 16gb file. im still sort of a novice at this, so i could be picking really stupid settings. basically i took a 3 hour video, killed the original audio, put a music soundtrack to it that was about an hour and a half, cut the video to match the length, and re-rendered it at the original 1080/25fps
  10. lemme pop open a project really quick and see. ill add another post with the settings
  11. ok that makes more sense then. so i guess ill just benefit most from making the bump to the 3950x when that time comes. (got hit by a truck, literally, waiting for my lawyer and their insurance to cut me a check) thanks for the clarification, because i was really not enjoying the 3+ hour render times on a 1080 video that was only half that time in length! (man AMD's IPC has come a LOOOOONG way since the 8350)
  12. see if you are reaching a power limit on the card. jayz was doing a video on that last year, i forget which off hand, but his card was hitting power limit and stuttering.
  13. the official adobe threads talk about using 200 series cards, and even some 500 series cards, as well as a slew of quadros, for video encoding in PP, unless im just REALLY misinterpreting them. i spent about 2 days researching them a while back
  14. h264 and h264 bluray are encoding options when exporting media in CS5 Premier Pro. so is that just faking it? it even lists youtube as an encoding option under the regular h264 option
  15. have you monitored what your GPU is doing in something like Afterburner or Precision X? watching the graphs on there may help diagnose this, because you can see power drops, clock speed changes, heat, etc. those programs are worth much more than just fan control and overclocking! they are great system monitors.
  16. ok, so ive done digging and i cant find a thread on what i want to do. im running adobe CS5 master, doing some stuff with premier pro. (no, i will not get newer adobe, this one was free from my wife's school) my system is an 8 core amd with 16gb ram and a 1080 8gb. supposedly, adobe premier SHOULD use my 1080 for h264 work but it isnt, despite downloading some software from adobe that says it should fix that. i know from documentation that gtx 200 series cards DO work plug and play with CS5, and i have a really nice GTX 275 as a shelf queen, runs fine. but i cant seem to find a way to run it A
  17. ive been away for a while, finally got around to checking this stuff, sorry to necro. i was unaware that vivard wasnt intended for SSDs, been using it to test and wipe for several years. what do you suggest for non-OS SSD testing? i would prefer a USB or CD bootable, like hirens utilities.
  18. ok so im doing a nice build for a customer, thermaltake p3 case, msi gaming am4 motherboard, EKWB custom loop, yadda yadda. he wants to wall-mount the case (it has brackets for that built in) but we dont want to see any (and i mean ANY) cables out of the rear IO of the computer. we are already planning on building a wall-mounted desk on a false wall, so we can run 100% of the cables behind the false wall, but getting from the IO to the wall is the issue. he doesnt want to see that at all. the motherboard has a nice RGB/carbon fiber panel over the IO plugs, but the back is still open, like all
  19. i'm probably beating this topic with a dead horse, and google hasn't been much of a friend, but i'm going to try again. ive got a plextor M5Pro 256gig ssd with a total of 13 hours run time on it (according to smart reporting in sentinel), and it passes scans in vivard (at a really nice steady speed). It had a fresh install of windows 10 on it, ran for long enough to copy some data from another computer (just user files, desktop links, etc) and then it stopped accepting changes to the drive. vivard is unable to force-wipe the drive, i get nothing but a never ending stream of errors (even tho