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XTU/Per-Core Overclock Troubleshooting

Recently, I've tried using XTU to ocverclock my 9600k. There are some issues that I'm having with it, though. The main one being that when I try using per-core overclocking, the cores that I set to run faster rarely exceed the speed of the slowest core. I also have trouble believing the voltage readout of XTU, because I have it set at 1.330 V, but can run fine at 4.9 GHz all-core. HWMonitor says that some cores get as much as 1.455 V. Even when using XTU's built-in readouts, frequency doesn't exceed the slowest core, and processor cache never goes above 4.5 GHz, despite being set to 4.8 GHz.


I guess they what I'm asking is if anyone else has had issues with the program, or am I doing something wrong? Here is my parts list: 


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