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RMA Question


Sorry, not sure if this belongs in General Discussion or another section, but I just have a question about RMA:

Do all companies make you (the consumer) pay for any return costs for an RMA?


I only ask because I've only had to RMA two things in my life, a Corsair PSU and recently a G.Skill RAM kit, and both companies didn't cover the return costs.

In contrast, I've made returns to retailers, and they've always covered the return costs (shipping, restocking, recycling fees, etc).

It's odd to me that the consumer has to pay more money on top of the original cost when they received a defective product.

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It depends. If you have business-grade warranty, then they will pay for everything. But for consumers you pay it for one way. If the RMA is accepted, then they might cover the cost if its over some limit (over €30 here). If the RMA is not accepted, you will pay for them shipping it back too.


Though in EU its more common to work RMAs through retailer than handling it directly with importer/representer.

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