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Storage Raid0 Question Asus z270m Plus Mobo


I am new to doing m.2 installs in general and have a question regarding the speed of doing a Motherboard Raid0 setup vs a Asus Hyper M.2 PCIE expansion card Raid Setup.
I am using the Asus PRIME 270m Plus Motherboard. I am currently running my Win10 Pro -x64 Bit on one single Non NVME m.2 SSD.


Note - Both Pioneer M.2 NVME i am purchasing are version 3 not version 4.

Amazon NVME m.2 Drive Link

I also i checked and my Bios and my Bios revision does have the Enable Asus Hyper Expansion card checkbox so i assume its compatible.

Amazon Link for my Motherboard Model


Asus Hyper Card Amazon Link

According to my motherboard manual and the Hyper specs on amazon, all my Individual Plug or Slot standards are PCIE 3.0 (not PCIE 4.0) at a x4 modifier. The difference being 2 motherboard dedicated direct plug slots or up to 4 on the Asus Hyper Expansion Card.

Question 1 ...
I am wondering are there benefits to running 2 NVME in Raid0 on the Asus hyper card out of a x16 secondary PCIE slot VS ---> on this z270m board directly(x2)?

PCIE slot 1 being used by A Video Card already. 


Question 2 ...
Are Asus Hyper m.2 Expansion cards a Operating System boot compatible technology?


I am new to this install and the first time i have done a NVME M.2 Mod. I have been out of the building game and the last installs i did were still Cable based SSD HD and RPM HD Installs.
Worst cast scenario is i only drop 50 dollars on the Asus Expansion card and it doesnt load correctly and am forced to use the other config.


Question 3 ...
Is it faster with my motherboard to run a single NVME from a single PCIEx16 to NVME card adapter for one single NVME drive out of the secondary PCIEx16 Slot or Run a single off the Primary off the Main m.2 Slot of the MOBO?



(Post Edited for Accuracy)

Any information much appreciated.


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1. You can't use the hyper m.2 for more than one m.2 drive, as it needs pcie bifurcation support. The bottom pcie slot on that board only runs at x4 from the chipset.


Running off the chipset limits you to about 3.5(ish) gB/s as thats the speed of the dmi. There is no way to have a ssd setup have over 3.5gB/s on that board without moving the gpu to the bottom slot


2. Yup you can boot from it.


But why 2 drives? Id get a single drive, its faster or about the same in almost all uses, and easier to setup and worth with.

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honestly, m.2 is SO FAST i wouldn't bother doing a RAID0 on it. i'd also rather buy a faster m.2 like the samsung 970s (evo or non)  instead. 

that being said i've seen spotty motherboard support on m.2 RAID. some people report that it's not even possible on my STRIX MoBo. i haven't tried. 


overall i'd just say raid0 isn't worth it on M.2 in MOST cases. what kind of work are you doing that needs crazy r/w speed?

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Thanks for the responses. I bought 2 because the prices on two drives was cheaper in my case instead of buying a gigantic one. I am a power user who does some light editing but mostly i use my PC for Media and Gaming. Overall on average i use around 3 to 4 TB of total storage. 


I will take this into account when i decide what to do. If it doesn't work as raid, i am sure i will enjoy single use as well. 

As well i haven't decided to do a drive clone or fresh install. last time i tried a drive clone of Win10 1903, it caused config problems with my Windows. 



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The Hyper absolutely won't work on that board, among other things wrong with the idea. You won't get any benefit from RAID on that board either.

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I got these parts today and did some speed benchmarks. They matched the advertised speeds very close being, slightly under. I found that running in Raid does not seem to benefit me in terms of speed. This could be due to maxing out the slot capabilities. (my best guess) The thing i do like is seeing all my storage under one drive though.  These drives are very noticeably faster than the last SATA drives. 


I got 90 to 110 Mbps from a standard hybrid SATA SSD drive to a SATA M.2 or NVME M.2. slow no matter what.


I then tried SATAM.2 to NVME PCIE, I got 350-450 Steady mbps on a manual transfer. 


Last i installed the 2 NVME and booted them via Hardware Raid0 in Asus Bios. 


The windows install time was around exactly 5 to 6 minutes from a flash USB.


Once i installed and updated the  drivers of this  NVME Raid0 config, I didn't have any other NVME to manually transfer to so I ran a CrystalDisk Benchmark.


                       Read                      Write

Pass 1        3.157Gbps       2.917Gbps

Pass 2        2.160Gbps       2.490Gbps

Pass 3        1.097Gbps       1.151Gbps

Pass 4        0.048Gbps       0.140Gbps


My pass  test settings were set to


Pass 1   -   Sequential 1 Mib / Ques = 8 / Threads = 1

Pass 2   -   Sequential 1 Mib /Ques = 1 / Threads = 1

Pass 3   -   Random 4 Kib       /Ques = 32/ Threads = 16

Pass 4   -   Random 4 Kib       /Ques = 1  / Threads = 1  




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