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    i7 7700K @5.1 GHz
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    Corsair Vengeance white LED 32GB @3333MHz
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    GIGABYTE Mini-ITX GTX 1070
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    Corsair 250D
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    500GB NVMe M.2 Samsung 960 Evo
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    logitech m705
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  1. I agree, i've attempted to bend pins back before and ended up breaking them. it's best to leave them as is @OP
  2. first, what makes you thing it is "going south" ? slow speed could be caused by a loose antenna.
  3. it depends on what you want to do. if you just want more monitors, then any GPU will do. If you want to use them like SLI or Crossfire they must be the same GPU. If you just want to use Eyefinity or NVidia surround, i don't think they have to be the same model, but they have to be the same brand.
  4. why not see if it will stick with Aura software?
  5. are you setting this setting in the BIOS or with ASUS aura software?
  6. i'd upgrade the PSU, fully modular is nice, and most pre-builts don't have that. it helps with cable management. plus you should make sure you get enough wattage out of it. (obviously it works, but how much headroom do you have?) then maybe i'd upgrade the GPU. the rest looks good
  7. game sounds should never be picked up by the microphone anyway. whatever software you use for the microphone and game recording should filter out any game audio with AEC, automatic echo cancelation.
  8. what are the parts? are you using a GPU? onboard video? does the CPU support onboard video?
  9. it's generally best to follow what your motherboard supports, rather than the attachments
  10. you should have different cables also included with the case.
  11. I'm still disappointed it doesnt have pictures of cars on it.
  12. so your steam passwords were leaked via some kind of middleman attack. nice.
  13. this is correct. GPU-Z should tell him this in the little tool tip, or in the render test.