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    My rigs on fire yo. 90C+ lyfe bois.

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    All over, USA
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    A/V Field Engineer


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    AMD Ryzen 5600x
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    ASUS X570-I
  • RAM
    Corsair 32GB @3600MHz
  • GPU
    Gigabyte Eagle 3080Ti
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    Silverstone ml08-h
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    1TB NVMe M.2 Samsung 960 Evo
    2x 4TB SATA Samsung QVOs
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    Corsair 750W SFX
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    What's that?
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    Corsair K100 RGB OMG
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    Corsair Dark Core Pro
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    Logitech G933 headphones
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    Win10 Pro

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  1. heck, that looks perfect. i'll give it a shot!
  2. depends on how dead it is, but normally no. normally you wouldn't get past POST
  3. have you ran one stick at a time to see if one of the sticks are dead?
  4. i suppose that's a better way to phrase it, but I also just need the file hosting features, not much else.
  5. swap slots? report results? do you have 4 slots or two? are your sticks staggered if you have 4 slots?
  6. I prefer a GUI, but I'm not against a little command line, I just don't want to do EVERYTHING in CLI. I don't care if it resembles '98 as long as the interface is easy to get setup. i'm probably only going to look at it once every blue moon. I should clarify I mean light on the disk size, not CPU usage or RAM, I have plenty of that.
  7. I just slap them in a desk drawer. if it works for RAM it will work for an m.2 I live in a high temp/humidity environment and I don't worry about it.
  8. i'm looking for a user friendly OS to turn into a VM on my ProxMox server. I would like a GUI I would like to set up FTP and SMB on the same disk. (as it's a virtual disk, already in a raid) a little background: I currently have a trueNAS machine doing some FTP and SMB services for me, however, I cannot cluster with TrueNAS, and I would very much like to. I have two server chassis with hardware in them, and I plan to use the new one to set up ProxMox, migrate all of my TrueNAS data over, then wipe the old chassis and add it to the ProxMox cluster as a secondary node.
  9. awesome. i've been hanging out in the thread to get the in-thread notification. but i'll head out now. just reply to me so i can find the thread again.
  10. correct. it shouldn't detect the stick at all if it's dead. i'd see if a slot change helps. be sure to stagger the slots, as that's how most of the dual channels are set up. if this doesn't help i'd get the latest BIOS version 7B89vAD. are you sure that's the version you're running? link for reference: https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/B450M-MORTAR-TITANIUM#down-bios
  11. under SLOT#1 and SLOT#2 what does it show? you can swap the sticks to the other two slots and see if that fixes the issue. you may have a dead slot. you can swap the sticks and see if the problem stick is an issue in the other slot. you may have a dead stick. you can update the BIOS, you may have a BIOS issue. (this is rather unlikely.)
  12. task manager shows slots used 2 of 4? if OS tools detect all of your RAM your BIOS may just have an error reporting, in which case you can either ignore it, or update the BIOS.
  13. i have pulled off some super crusty and crumbly paste before. A day isn't going to hurt the paste much, but you should be worried about open air contaminants like animal hair and similar dust balls getting in your paste and getting stuck. I'd just wipe off the paste and reapply in the morning. just wipe it with some alcohol and paper towels/ cotton balls and put new paste on the CPU. (if you use cotton balls make sure you don't leave any cotton strands)
  14. i'd try to wipe the USB tool and set it up again. something is funky. try another distro of linux and see if you have the same issues? is the disk healthy?