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  1. I agree, i've attempted to bend pins back before and ended up breaking them. it's best to leave them as is @OP
  2. first, what makes you thing it is "going south" ? slow speed could be caused by a loose antenna.
  3. it depends on what you want to do. if you just want more monitors, then any GPU will do. If you want to use them like SLI or Crossfire they must be the same GPU. If you just want to use Eyefinity or NVidia surround, i don't think they have to be the same model, but they have to be the same brand.
  4. why not see if it will stick with Aura software?
  5. are you setting this setting in the BIOS or with ASUS aura software?
  6. i'd upgrade the PSU, fully modular is nice, and most pre-builts don't have that. it helps with cable management. plus you should make sure you get enough wattage out of it. (obviously it works, but how much headroom do you have?) then maybe i'd upgrade the GPU. the rest looks good
  7. game sounds should never be picked up by the microphone anyway. whatever software you use for the microphone and game recording should filter out any game audio with AEC, automatic echo cancelation.
  8. what are the parts? are you using a GPU? onboard video? does the CPU support onboard video?
  9. it's generally best to follow what your motherboard supports, rather than the attachments
  10. you should have different cables also included with the case.
  11. I'm still disappointed it doesnt have pictures of cars on it.
  12. so your steam passwords were leaked via some kind of middleman attack. nice.
  13. this is correct. GPU-Z should tell him this in the little tool tip, or in the render test.
  14. run the render test in GPU-Z. it's right by the info box.
  15. why not turn PC off, and remove the power cable, then push and hold the Power button to drain the power from the motherboard? you should be fine if the PC is off.
  16. unless you know IPV4 i wouldn't set it manually (know your gateway and subnet mask?) what's it do when set back to DHCP?
  17. are you sure your fan is even spinning? update your BIOS first, and use a wired KB/mouse to make sure it works.
  18. unpopular opinion: why not get a chromebook? video editing might suck on it, but the same is true on any other 250$ machine
  19. perhaps consider running a DANTE service on both machines, then use audinate's DANTE controller to route them to each other. DANTE is a pretty big commercial multicast protocol. though, this is multicast, and may cause some network saturation issues if you're not careful. https://www.audinate.com/learning/training-certification/video-tutorials/dante-via-make-any-computer-a-networked-audio-i-o-device you can use either DANTE VIA or DANTE virtual soundcard.
  20. this is heavily dependent on the UPS. @OP run a test and see how the UPS performs when you unplug it's AC source. If you break anything it's probably only going to be the fuse inside the UPS. make sure you have a spare fuse on hand... does your UPS not show instantaneous wattage draw? check out what monitoring features it might have, even if it's just an LED panel on the front. If it has no monitoring tools you should probably get a better one. that being said, you're going to probably significantly drain that UPS whenever you actually need it.
  21. i saw that, the noiseblockers are -P marked, i figured for "pressure" but i didn't see that in the specs i found. my reason for the NZXTs is probably stupid, but it's honest.
  22. if it comes down to cost vs performance, then yes. a custom loop will always outperform air, but it will be way too expensive.
  23. what do you mean "run hotter" with an AIO? the CPU will be hotter? the room will be hotter? heat is going to come off of the block faster, and get to the fins faster, until the liquid reaches it's heat capacity. at that point it becomes more of a surface area game. liquid cooling has really always been a heat capacity (on startup) and surface area game. liquid setups generally keep your CPU cooler because they can even out your heat dissipation over a larger area. that being said, new solid coolers are getting really good at dissipation, because they reach heat capaci