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Heres my PC build that i assembled myself, specs are:

Motherboard-Msi tomahawh ryzen max b450

GPU-Msi1660 super ventus xs oc

Ram-2x8gb 3200 kingston ram

Storage-500 GB  nvme m.2 kingston a2000

PSU-750w psu 80 plus gold  deepcool DQ750ST

CPU-ryzen 5 3600 stock cooler stealth

case-sharkoon TG4 


sorry for the crappy cable management ? i tried my best, it gets a bit loud when gaming but once you put headphones on you barelly notice it. Everything works so far. Will most likely get a HDD later on, maybe even a better cpu cooler as the stock one isnt the best for longterm i think, peaks up to 70c+ while gaming for longer Periods. What you guys think





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10 minutes ago, NewbieGamer69 said:

Trade for what

You don't want my rig...it's very homely.

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Looks cool. Might want to work on the cable management a bit.

The deep blue sky is infinitely high and crystal clear.


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