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  1. Thank you im limited based on whats available in local stores in my country but ill look into it, thanks
  2. So i just need someone to tell me an honest opinion, theres a pretty good deal on this monitor and i can snatch it for 220usd + warranty and i was wondering if you guys would recommend this monitor, it has an ips screen and 144hz, its within my budget and its in my local store, by the way im not too crazy on reaponse time but i do want my games to look good, only gripe i have is that the blacks on VA look much better and the colors looks more vibrats which i do like, but if thats the only trade off ill take it, thoughts?
  3. I just tested it out so when my pc is off the db monitor shows 23 to 25db in my room and when my pc is turned on with no apps running its 30-34db from where i sit, 15 minutes of gaming(fortnite)show same numbers. Maybe it gets just all tiny tiny bit louder when gaming for a lot longer but its around that mark. Is that considered silent? Will the HDD be heard in my PC?
  4. Sounds good i might consider that, just one last question, i lost the little tray where the HDD was suppposed to stay in my pc case, can i just leave it inside or will that not be good for the drive like that
  5. Even if i dont do any work that require any crazy transfer speeds or whatever? I just want to game and download movies and stuff, and maybe some light work like coding but nothing too much. Is the evo that much more reliable?
  6. Oh you are right ill check my normal room sound levels and ill get back at this, but i think it was around 30db when nothing was on and silent. Ill have to double check though. I have a cpu fan and gpu fan which get pretty loud when gaming but thats to be expected i guess, i just dont want it to be noticable you know?
  7. Thats the problem i like to think my pc is sillent but my noise measuring app on my phone says otherwise, when its just on and im not doing anything intensive i put my phone next to my pc case and close to it and says 40db when im gaming you can deff hear the fans a lot more and goes up to 50db, not sure if an hdd would be heard more or less in that situation.
  8. Yeah thats why i said i only have the choices i mentioned, if i could i would get those, i was asking between the ones i mentioned
  9. Hey guys is need some help with choosing a secondary drive for my PC ive decided to get another ssd, i have a nvme ssd currently but it being a 500gb i filled it up pretty easily, my question is in mu country i have a few options available, so i will list them all and tell me which is worth it the most, and would it be better than just getting a 2tb HDD. Main reason i don’t get an hdd is speeds obviously but also noise? I cant remember if HDD are actually that noisy so change my mind on this, my pc is pretty quiet so i dont want any extra noise, anyways the SSD’s i can choose from are:
  10. Between western digital blue 2tb and seagate barracuda 2tb green, which would you go for
  11. Thats pretty good what a lucky find i couldnt find that sort of thing forever, last question for today would be if you can tell me between westerndigital 2tb blue hdd and seagate barracuda 2tb green, which one would be a better buy, they are the same price for me.
  12. Yeah that seems to be the most logical thing to do with the rubber padding under the hdd if i put it just on the bottom, but ill try to find a drive caddy like you said.
  13. Thanks yeah i think 1tb ssd are a bit expensive at the moment.
  14. So you reckon i should just put the hdd on the bottom of the case and it wont make any noise or rattling sounds? I dont care about looks as long as it works properly and makes no noise, heres a pic of the bottom of the case.