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diy Case + old parts


This is the 3rd time i tried to build a case myself, 
but the first time that it came out even remotely like i imagined it.


My goal was to build a case that could fit standart parts (ATX PSU and motherboard),
some radiators with enough room for the fans to work and to keep it relatively small.


This is the result (sry for bad picture quality):IMG_20190223_170219676.thumb.jpg.91e261b44c6c037bd896e85009978a85.jpgIMG_20190223_170132461.thumb.jpg.5b8090f7da638bf59c264dd9efbdcedc.jpgIMG_20190223_170139209.thumb.jpg.6e14f4200a81c7ff1ae63c285a9b0c65.jpgIMG_20190223_170113657.thumb.jpg.e35ccd6ea26c4ad87957aee1378dbfef.jpgIMG_20190223_170051356.thumb.jpg.699b751d7e4043547c116c733ef3085a.jpg

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welldone! very clean

Recent build: Fractal Design - Torrent reviewMeshify C / The 1080TI Strix Noctua modDefine S X58 Xeon build  / Specs: i7-14700KF 5.8Ghz - ASUS TUF RTX 4080 super - G.Skill Ripjaws 32GB 4000mhz CL18 -  Gigabyte Z690 Gaming X d4 - Torrent Fractal Design white - EVGA 850W Supernova G2 80+ Gold - Noctua D15

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I did not make any pictures of it while building, sorry.

The aluminium profiles i just bought in 40 cm length on amazon. Only thing i did to them is drill some threads into the center on every side.

The front and back is 5mm aluminium plate, i cut two pieces 21x40 cm out of one 50x40 piece with a hand circular saw.

The big holes were cut with an electric jigsaw. I will have to redo the wrap as you can see on the picture.

Motherboard is on a vinyl wrapped pvc plate with standoffs in it.

Front,back and top is 4mm acryl glas cut by hand. The top piece broke and i just used a cover plate from phobya.

Bottom is open, feet are left over from ikea ?

I bought a 90 degree power cable and a socket for the back and soldered them together to have the power plug on the back.

Everything inside is attached to the profiles with brackets.



MB: Asus Commando 

CPU: X5460 4Ghz

Ram: 8gb 850Mhz ddr2 (two random sets of 2x2gb) 

GPU: HD7970 reverence 

PSU: Be quiet 750Watt

HDD: Seagate 1tb

MB,GPU and HDD i bought new when they came out. 

The rest is bought from ebay a while ago.


Watercooling loop is mainly old parts from my main rig, except for the syscooling pump/ress combo i bought for 12€ and the bottom radiator 18€ (ebay).




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