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e-reader for studying.




After finishing lawschool I've started a career as judicial officer. A job for wicht I need to keep studying for the rest of my career. 


I live in an appartement that i'd like to keep tidy. 


I used to study everything on paper and physical books, resulting is a very cluttered desk and house. I'd like to combat this. 


Although i'm a paper guy i like the benefits of ereaders. I'm looking for a large ereader to import my books to.


I need to be able to take notes easily both on a blank page and directly on the books. I don't use colour very much so it's not essential to have colour support. 


I also need to be able to bring it with me, to classes and on trips, so a 13 inch laptop size would be ideal. 


What's the best option for me? Thanks for the help!

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Have you considered a tablet like the 'entry' iPad?  It's 9.7 inches, but might do the trick with minimal fuss so long as you download the relevant apps.  You'd need to get a first-gen Apple Pencil for the annotations  If that's too small, the iPad Pro is costlier but does give you 11-inch and 12.9-inch screens as well as support for a newer Pencil that charges off the side of your tablet.


If you're looking for something more explicitly designed for your role, there's always Sony's Digital Paper, although that's not far off the price of an iPad Pro.  It'd be easier to read and potentially better-suited to documents in particular, but not as flexible.


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