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Help - Old Samsung Galaxy Young as a dedicated music player.


NOTE: I was searching over the internet on how to do this. I found one way. I also searched this forum, didn't find anything related to this.


Hello everyone, i would like to turn my old Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S6310N android phone into a music player.


The whole idea is that the phone would have a such a basic system for playing music, all other functions would be unused.

So like an Ipod Shuffle, for example. Using your PC to transfer the music and using the phone as a player only.


The only functions needed would be the:

- power button

- volume buttons

- and the touchscreen for navigating the music player (choosing the music, screen brightness adjustment)


Now what my problem is, is understanding how and what to use to root and install a custom ROM on my phone.

I've tried searching for tool kits, most of the either are paid-only, others don't support my phone.

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