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Multiple partition USB drive

My idea is to have a USB drive partitioned in two parts. One, for Files/Folders/Programs, and the other, for multiple O.S. (Windows and Linux). I partitioned it into two parts with the system utility Disk Management successfully. However, I started with one O.S. (Ubuntu) first, I used Rufus to make a partition bootable, but, Rufus removed the two partitions that I made, and made it a whole one for the new O.S., so, the partition for Files/Folders/Programs is gone. Rufus doesn't have an option to choose where you want to boot the O.S. when are two of them of course, therefore, it discarded as a tool for this case.


My question is... Do you know a better way to do this, please?. Make two partitions in a USB drive, one for data and the other for O.S.

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18 minutes ago, Mira Yurizaki said:

Could you install the OS directly onto the drive through the installer, but have the installer make a partition of the size you want the OS partition to be, then use another tool to make the other?

Could be! Thank You!

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