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Hello everyone 

I got a geforce GTX 1050ti from asus cerberus for christmas and built it in my pc but after 3 and a half days it didn't showed a picture when i turned it on.

I have never turned off my pc with the power butten so it shuts down but only over the windows system. I brought it back to media markt and receaved a new one on last saturday, but now it won't show an image anymore again but 2 hours ago it still worked. I have the latest update from nvidia and all other drivers.

I built it in into an ACER ASPIRE TC 120 with an 220 watts powerconnector and an AMD A10 7800 4×3,5 Ghz, 2× 4 gb Ram and a 1 Terrabyte Toshiba harddrive. The gtx needs 75 watts and it schould have enough on the system . It takes all the energy from the motherboard. 

I read an article about it and it said that it can be the can relate to the battery of the motherboard because it may be not working right anymore. 


I appreciate  every answer and help from you guys .


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Never heard of that issue, but I'm guessing it probably needs a better power supply (220W is literally nothing)

If you can, get a CX450 (2017/gray and black writing). It's insanely cheap and actually really good (Tier B on this Tier S (best) to G (worst) PSU tier list): 


Main PC:  MacBook Air (M1, 2020), 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage; running macOS, but waiting for Linux to be ported to the M1

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